Why Invisalign is considered a better option than traditional braces

  • 12, 27, 2016
  •  Family Health 
  • When it comes to dental health, many people agree that braces do help them get that perfect smile, but getting braces is definitely not something everyone expects with great excitement. Over the past years, a new, revolutionary method has started to replace those traditional braces and that is Invisalign treatment, so if you are interested in a dental centre that provides Invisalign Frankston services, make sure you choose the best one. Here are some good reasons why this is a better solution to your dental health than braces.

    You do not have to restrain from eating certain foods

    It is commonly known that in the case of traditional braces, it is best to avoid certain types of food such as popcorn, chewing gum or candies for instance, since they can easily get stuck next to the teeth. With Invisalign on the other hand, you do not have to worry about this aspect anymore, because you can eat whatever you want.

    You can have it removed whenever you need

    Another great advantage of this revolutionary treatment is that you can have the device removed whenever suits you. Once they are installed, traditional braces cannot be taken off until a specific period has passed, not to mention that only a specialist can take them off. Invisalign straighteners can be removed and put back in without having to worry that it may compromise your treatment.

    You do not feel embarrassed anymore

    Most people wearing braces, regardless their age, feel embarrassed about this aspect and they tend to cover their mouth whenever they feel the need to laugh or even talk, which does not do any good to their self-esteem and confidence. Keep in mind that with resorting to this new type of treatment, you get rid of the stress of having to show your teeth covered in some metal wires that may make your smile less aesthetical. These straighteners are transparent, which means that they are quite difficult to notice and can actually be worn without detection.

    There is no pain or irritation

    Numerous people who wore braces in the past claimed that those metal strings caused not only discomfort, but also pain and mouth sores. The treatment takes at least one year, which means that the patient has to live with that discomfort for a long period. It is important to know that Invisalign straighteners are designed by professionals and made out of plastic, which is moulded with great care to the patient’s teeth in order to provide them pain-free fit and high level of comfort.

    All in all, these are some of the greatest benefits that come with this type of dental treatment. What is worth mentioning is the fact that if you decide to resort to Invisalign instead of traditional braces, you have to ensure that the dental centre you choose is the best one in your region and that provide you with high quality straighteners. Do some thorough research, read many reviews and check the price list each dental clinic provides before you choose a specific one.

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