Where Are Bespoke Adhesive Products and Tapes Used?

  • 05, 30, 2017
  •  Family Health 

    When you take into account the enormous volume of adhesive tapes and general adhesives available from generic retailers all over the country, it’s natural to wonder where the need for bespoke adhesive products lies. Given the fact that there are literally tens of thousands of mass-produced products to choose from, surely anyone in need of a high-quality adhesive could simply choose from one of these…right?

    Technically they could, but there’s also the chance that they could be selling themselves short.  What makes the difference with custom adhesive products is the way in which they are designed and manufactured from the ground up, with a specific purpose in mind.  Whatever the industry, line of work or intended purpose for the adhesive, it can be crafted meticulously for this specific purpose alone.  Which means that instead of selecting something which will simply get the job done, you instead invest in and use something that will get it done much more capably, easily and affordably.

    So it’s apparent that in certain instances and applications, 3M preferred tape converters can be of significant value. The question being – exactly which industry and business areas are they suitable for?

    Well, the simple answer is that in any instance where any kind of adhesive or even mechanical fixings are called for, there is every possibility that a bespoke adhesive product could do an even better job. Just to illustrate the point a little further, what follows is a brief overview of just a few examples of the kinds of business areas where bespoke adhesive products are currently making an enormous difference for those using them:

    1 – Sales and Marketing

    First up, while it might not be the first business area that springs to mind when considering adhesives, they nonetheless make up a huge part of what goes on in the world of the marketer. When you think about all those point of sale marketing materials, posters, billboards and other examples of marketing/sales tools you come across every hour of every day, you start to get a picture of just how reliant such professionals are on adhesive products. Custom adhesives not only are so much easier and more convenient to use for marketing purposes, but they can also work out much cheaper than using comparable alternatives.

    2 – Glazing

    Interestingly, the world of the professional glazier has also been transformed over recent years by the introduction of high-quality, purpose-made adhesive products.  Of course, adhesives of one sort or another have been used by glaziers for generations and are nothing new. The only difference these days being that the kinds of adhesives being produced specifically for such purposes are transforming the way glaziers get the job done.  Whether it’s simply find the process of installing everyday windows or creating the most incredible glazing units featuring ‘floating’ glass with invisible bonds, it’s incredible how many different types of custom adhesives are used in this business area alone.

    3 – Healthcare

    Likewise, adhesive products have always been of enormous importance in medical settings, but have nonetheless come such an incredibly long way over recent years.  From the most advanced operating theatres to simple GP surgeries and even the kinds of products you pick up from a pharmacy for DIY application at home, custom adhesives play the most incredibly significant role in the creation of so many critically important healthcare products.

    4 – Vehicle Manufacture

    Now more than ever, a great number of major players in the automotive industry are switching to custom adhesives as an alternative to a wide variety of mechanical fixings. Hard as it may be to believe, there are even industrial adhesive products on the market today that are able to deliver superior results even to traditional welding.  As it’s often a priority in vehicle manufacture to speed up the production process, produce strong bonds and keep weight to an absolute minimum, the right industrial adhesive products can tick all right boxes.

    5 – Product Manufacture

    Last but not least, all of the above-mentioned benefits also carry over into the manufacturing of just about every imaginable product across the board.  In manufacturing environment of all kinds, enormous emphasis is often put on improving output, boosting efficiency, simplifying the production process in general and reducing costs. All of which becomes immediately possible, when making the switch to custom adhesive products. It’s simply a case of working with a reliable and reputable manufacturer, in order to obtain the kind of built-for-purpose adhesive that really can make all the difference in the world.


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