What is a pre-matrimonial background check why should you do it?

  • 12, 04, 2017
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  • Marrying someone means sharing the rest of your life with the same person, living in the same house, starting a family, setting up joint bank accounts, making financial and sentimental investments together. It is a huge commitment and discovering that your better half if not who you thought they were can be heart-breaking and devastating. Marriages fail for many reasons and when you say yes you can’t predict if ten years from now, one of you will change or your relationship will grow cold. However, you can prevent a troublesome marriage by finding out if your fiancée is hiding something from you right now. Although every couple should ideally have a long and honest conversation about bad events from their past or unethical habits, very few of them do that. Whether it’s for fear that they will be rejected or worse, because they want to set you up, you can learn the truth about your future spouse by hiring a private investigator.

    What can you find out from a pre-matrimonial background check?

    If you feel that your fiancée is hiding something from you or you just want to be safe, talk to a private eye London professional, who can check one or more of the following:

    – Past marriages/ an affair. The investigator can find out if your fiancée is having an affair or if they had a previous marriage you don’t know about. Marriage and divorce records are public and investigators can track them down even if they were registered in another town.

    – Criminal record or history of abuse. Unfortunately, many violent and abusive individuals seem polite and charming until they lure their victims into marriage and then they show their true face. Nowadays, when so many marriages start by online dating, asking a professional to look into the criminal record of a future spouse is quite a sensible decision.

    – Debt and money issues. Even the most romantic individuals have to agree that marriage has a practical, financial side and two people who are very much in love can get divorced if they can’t pay their bills. Some people look at marriage as a way of escaping their money problems, forcing spouses to pay off their debt or worse, fuel well-hidden vices such as gambling addiction. A pre-marital background check will shed light on your fiancée’s financial problems before they also become your own.

    What should I do with the information I get?

    In the best cases, pre-marital background checks are just a formality and reveal nothing worrying. However, once you hire a private eye you should accept that their findings could turn your world upside down and confirm your darkest suspicions. In that case, you and your loved ones are the only one who can decide what you do with the information you receive. Some people end the relationship right there without asking for an explanation, while others confront their fiancée with the harsh truth, but try to work things out and start from scratch. There is no right or wrong answer and it all depends on the severity of the secrets and the effort that both partners are willing to make.

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