What essential characteristics should a nanny have?

  • 11, 03, 2016
  •  Parenting Advice 
  • Finding a babysitter is certainly not an easy task. Because you are probably looking for a great person to take care of your kid when you are not around, it will seem hard to make a decision. If you do not know where to find London nannies, then you should think about resorting to an agency, which will simplify your search. However, before deciding to hire someone, an in person interview will be necessary. During your discussion, here are the essential characteristics to look for in a nanny:


    Trustworthy and reliability go hand in hand with this type of job. You can check these aspects by contacting previous clients of the babysitter, and finding out if they were satisfied with them. You probably want someone you can trust looking after your kid, so ensure yourself of this aspect.

    Safety conscious

    Children will most often not make the difference between bad and good, and until a certain age, they will need to be supervised with attention, to prevent unfortunate accidents. The most important characteristic a nanny needs to have is safety consciousness. This means, while on duty, they should consider a child’s safety first.


    Patience is one of the most important quality a good nanny should have. Children can often misbehave, and without being calm, one cannot manage to temperate a child. You will manage to notice if the babysitter is as patient and calm as you desire during your first discussion. Also, a babysitter needs to always be slow tempered, because you probably do not want someone raising their voice at your kid, or becoming easily irritated.


    Last but not least, make sure the person you hire is flexible, and can meet your requirements and needs, in terms of schedule. Because you can never know when an emergency arises, and you need someone to look after the kids, you should have a nanny who can come to the rescue. Moreover, kids are unpredictable, and being flexible also means they will know how to act and respond to certain situations that may appear.

    If you want to find a nanny that is great at their job and that your kid will love, then make sure to look for these few characteristics. A good babysitter will have all the qualities mentioned above, and will certainly offer you satisfactory services. To increase your odds of finding a suitable person, consider working with a nanny agency – this way you will know with certainty that you are dealing with reliable professionals.

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