Useful Tips for Raising a Large Family

  • 01, 08, 2015
  •  Parenting Advice 
  • Having more than one kid can translate into many problems that need to be solved and chores that need to be fulfilled, but if you know how to take care of things and how to involve the entire family in the daily activities, you will manage to live a peaceful and happy life. We thought it would be useful to share with you these tips on how to raise a large family so you will have more solutions to your daily worries.

    Organize, organize, organize

    Without organization, the lives and homes of large families would be a chaos because organization is the key to a comfortable living. Starting with the homework time and ending with who takes the first night shower, all your family members must know what they have to do in order to live peacefully. It’s easier to make colored schedules so that each child will know what they have to do every day and that you will manage to handle everything and keep things in order.

    Divide chores

    In order to keep a house clean and a family satisfied, every family member must bring their contribution to fulfilling chores. No matter how much you would want to keep the burdens on your shoulders, it would be impossible to succeed without the help of your partner and the kids. Plus, it will teach the little ones responsibilities and will turn them into useful adults. According to age, set tasks for each one to complete by the end of the day so that everyone will be happy.

    Avoid mess

    With a large family, it’s impossible not to have a mess at some point, but it’s better o avoid that, especially when the clutter would be created by many small kids. Teach them to collect their garbage and avoid clutter by keeping things organized, taking the dirty laundry to the laundry room, cleaning the table after every meal, collecting their toys, folding their clothes and making the beds every day. This way, large messes will be avoided and the house will look clean and tidy.

    Make time for each other

    Although household chores are very important, you shouldn’t forget to spend quality time with your family. Reward their efforts and obedience with a short family trip, a barbecue, or their favorite cake every once in a while. When you sit at the table, ask them how was their day and get involved in their problems as you involve them in yours. This way, they will all know you appreciate them.

    Don’t forget about time for yourself

    It’s of utmost importance to make time for yourself so that you can manage to keep running the family smoothly. Indulge yourself a free day when you can do whatever you like so you will recharge your batteries and get ready for a new day with a large family.

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