Unique gifts for special occasions

  • 10, 25, 2016
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  • When you want to make a gift for someone whom you love, it is so hard to decide what because you want it to be a special gift. Everybody loves to receive a unique present but it is so hard to find something like that. At the same time, unique things are very cheap. A good alternative for this situation would be to make a DIY gift. Don’t be afraid that you have to work a lot for it because some things are so easy to do. In order to make it look more special, you can add some floristry ribbons UK. You can choose from a variety of ribbons whatever you like more. Many people think that every present needs a proper ribbon because they offer a better aspect.

    Handmade pillow for him

    If you are celebrating your couple anniversary and don’t know how to surprise your boyfriend, you should think to offer him a pillow. It may sound crazy but it can be a very useful gift and a romantic one. You just need a basic pillow with a simple pillowcase, preferably white because you would redecorate it. Think to make something romantic and funny in the same time. You can use a little piece of red material from an old shirt that you don’t wear anymore. The idea is to draw the contour of a heart and then cut it out. You will have to cut it again in half because you should make another pillow for yourself. Sew it carefully on the edge and then you can write your initial in the middle using a piece of ribbon. Do the same thing with your own pillow.

    How to make a beautiful vase for your mother

    You certainly want to surprise your mother because you cause her so many problems and she is still doing everything for you. She needs to know that you appreciate her so much for her efforts and that you love her as much as she does. When you want to surprise her, you have to know that she doesn’t need an expensive gift. She will be happy whatever you do for her. You can decorate a vase and offer her flowers. Everything you need is a glass bottle or a big jar, some ribbons, glue and some colorful beads. Stick the beads carefully at the base. The next step is to tie the ribbons above the beads and fix them with glue. You can also use lace or some pieces of rope.

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