Top Home Renovation Projects that Pay Off

  • 09, 15, 2018
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  • Not all home renovation projects pay off, and we can be more or less familiar with the ones that do pay off. Some invest in pools or jacuzzies. While these can be some nice little perks to have at home, these investments don’t really pay off. Instead, a door replacement or a new coat of paint on your exterior walls will boost your property’s value. Below are some of those home renovation projects that really pay off.

    A door replacement

    Homeowners should think of their front doors more often than they actually do. A sturdy steel entrance door, while it can be pricier than regular doors will keep your family much safer. Also, this investment has an anticipated rate of return of about 101%. You won’t have to put too many efforts into maintaining a similar door in perfect shape, unlike wood doors. Consider this option if you want to invest smartly in your home.

    Mirror paint on your kitchen cabinets

    A recent trend in kitchen remodelling projects consists of applying a 2 pack paint finish. This type of finish is incredibly durable and creates a mirrored effect, making your kitchen cabinets look incredibly stylish and expensive. The same technique can be applied to a variety of surfaces, from steel to wood and offer high flexibility levels. The same technique is used in furniture factories. If you invest in a similar project, you will upgrade your furniture in an easy and affordable way. This will make the price of your property go through your roof.  

    Invest in a wooden deck addition

    The experts at Christo Industries claim that wooden decks are the perfect additions to make your home integrate better into the exterior environment. Wooden decks come in different designs and shapes and create the perfect environment for outdoor entertainment in the summer. The expand the living space significantly, and potential buyers are always thrilled by such additions. This motivates them to spend more on a home with a similar addition. For colder climates, expert designers recommend adding an exterior fireplace on your wooden deck. A patio heater will also work. This will boost the price of your property.

    An exterior wall paint job

    When considering similar projects, it’s always a smart idea to have a team of professionals by. Research the local market and make sure that you choose a renovation company with experience in the market, as well as a generous client portfolio. Search for online reviews and hire the team with the highest scores. This will assure you that the team of experts will meet your very specific demands and will rise to your expectations.

    These simple home renovation ideas will boost your property’s market price. Make sure to research the teams you will be hiring beforehand. This will help you select those experts with plenty of experience in the industry. The quality of the supplies that you choose should also be a higher one than most people would consider.


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