Tips to plan a wedding anniversary celebration far away from home

  • 01, 04, 2017
  •  Family 

    So, your plan is to surprise your wife with a vacation for celebrating your wedding anniversary? Well, in this case you should consider doing something different than you have done every year. What about a ski vacation? You have the possibility to learn something new, and visit a beautiful destination as Courchevel, France. There are many ski destinations in Europe, but if you want to impress your partner, than you should opt for this one, because there is no comparison with a week in the top of the Alps. You might think what makes this destination different from the others, maybe the fact that in France you would find traditional ski areas, which offers you the possibility to have a glimpse of the culture and local history while having fun on track. But for being sure that you would be able to offer you wife the best experience from all her life, you should check the rental apartment Courchevel, because the accommodation facility has a huge role on how your vacation would be.

    Rent the needed ski equipment

    If you do not practice ski on a regular basis, then you should not waste your money on buying equipment, because it is quite expensive, and it is not worth the money. Make sure that you book the equipment from one of the local companies, because if you arrive there during the season, you would find difficult to find the suited one for you and your wife. Check the prices, and make sure that you save the needed money for it, because you have to be sure that you have everything you need on track. Also, think at your wife’s preferences, on what it regards the equipment, because some people prefer skiing, but others prefer to use snowboards. In case you are beginners in this sport, then you should book some classes, with an instructor, because you have to be sure that you would be safe on track.

    Check the accommodation options available

    When you opt for a destination as Courchevel, you should know that there are multiple options when it comes to accommodation facilities, but you have to keep in mind that you are planning this trip for celebrating your wedding anniversary, so you should choose something intimate and romantic. A good option would be to rent an apartment with view to the mountains, because your wife would love to wake up every morning and have such a sight. Also, these apartments have all the amenities you might want, so you should not think twice before choosing a luxury accommodation facility.

    Mountains are all about winter sports

    If you two are big fans of winter sports then Courchevel is the right destination for you, because there is nothing there to do, but this. You would not have to plan anything else, than what winter sports you should choose, and find the right places where to stay and eat. You can spend your day on the track, and come to the apartment at evening and cook a romantic dinner with your wife.

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