Tips for preparing the perfect big moment

  • 07, 19, 2017
  •  Family 
  • You are planning to pop the question and you have no idea what should you keep in mind before doing anything? Making a mistake or forgetting a detail in such a moment can ruin everything and that’s the least your significant other is expecting from you. Making a proposal special and out of the ordinary means putting a lot of effort and dedication into it. From engagement rings to posture and clothes everything matters in that very moment and you need to plan ahead to the smallest details you can think of. Here are some tips that can help you with your big, big moment:


    First thing first, you have to choose a location where you will be taking your significant other. Make sure you decide you want the moment to be private or public. Taking your lover to the place where you first two met or where your first date took place could be a significant thing to consider.  Choosing a façade of a fancy building or a known monument for making the big move will assure some mesmerizing captures of the moment (in case you will be hiring a photographer to hide around until you make the move). Think well about what your love would want to see in the respective moment and check the place out several days before going there with a purpose.

    Family and friends

    Inviting family and friends to stand close-by until you get the answer could be a great experience for both of you. Being surrounded by the love and attention of everyone you care about while stepping ahead in such a journey can create the perfect, unforgettable ambiance you seek for. Ask them if they’d like to join and stick around until everything is set. Once your lover said yes, they can show up and start congratulating both of you. If you want something more private, family and friends can find out about the big decision later on.


    Hiring a photographer and a camera man to hide around and capture the moment and the reaction you are provoking with the proposal can come in handy in the future. Reliving the experience you lived then over and over again by watching a simple video or some pictures will make you thank yourself for having the great idea of hiring specialists for this job. Taking photos by yourself or stopping a moment just for a picture will ruin the moment and your focus on the special person will be gone. Either you keep everything in your memory; either you keep them in a nicely designed photo album. Think wisely.


    In order for each thing to fit your expectations, you have to be careful not to spoil the surprise. Secrecy is the key in such situations and that’s why you should keep your plans to yourself and try not to be around your sweetheart when working for these plans. Ruining the surprise is irreparable and in case your lover finds out early, you will be forced to pop the question right in that moment. You wouldn’t want that for sure.




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