Tips for a gorgeous Indian wedding

  • 01, 23, 2017
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  • Indian weddings are for sure special, and they have a great significance for its participants. The customs, the never-ending wedding party, the colours and flavours, the photos, they all add uniqueness to an event of this kind. For having a gorgeous Indian wedding, we have some tips and tricks for you, for giving you an inside view on a day like this in Indian culture. From choosing an Indian wedding photographer Melbourne located, to pre wedding festivities, you can find information on all special events.

    1. Find a great wedding photographer

    Finding a great wedding photographer, preferably one specialized in Indian wedding photography will help a lot with your event. Since an occasion of this kind implies a lot of customs, traditions and colors, the best thing you can do is have somebody well trained and with a formed perspective for this type of events. A typical photographer might miss some details one specialized in Indian events would pay great attention to. Therefore, make sure you find the perfect professional for your special Indian event. After all, you must find the best person for immortalizing your Mehndi party.

    2. Pre-wedding activities and festivities play a great role

    Starting with Sangeet, the wedding rehearsal, and continuing with Mehndi, the henna painting party, pre wedding events are filled with joy, food and drinks. Therefore, the more special the event, the more preparation it needs. If you are a young couple, make sure you follow elder’s advice, since they have a lot of experience with pre-wedding festivities.

    3. Wedding traditions also must be followed

    Don’t be shy and ask your bridesmaids to wear traditional saris. Although you can find beautiful traditional bridesmaids dresses with some Indian insertions, it will have a great impact if your entire wedding will follow tradition. Also, since it is a tradition for the groom to make their entrance on a horse, hire one and follow this custom as well.

    4. Pay attention to your décor

    These events must have a special décor in Indian culture. Make sure you use a lot of red, since it is believed to bring joy, wealth and it is a great symbol of matrimony. Also, since it works so well paired with gold, and people from this culture seem to appreciate it so much, don’t be shy and use it as well.

     4. Spice up your menu

    Spices will always have a special place in Indian culture, therefore make sure you adapt your menu as it will meet your guest’s expectations. Use them even in your drinks, since they fit so well and they can uplift even a common beverage. Make sure you indicate this preference to you cooks beforehand.

    Follow these essentials for having a great special event, filled with unique customs and traditions. Make sure your hire a great photographer, use plenty of spices on your menu and follow all the customs. Your guests will love it!

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