Things you can do to help your dog recover after surgery

  • 03, 22, 2018
  •  Family 
  • So, you were out with your dog in the park when, all of a sudden, he got attacked by another animal. Dog bite injuries lead to flesh wounds and can turn out to be fatal. But that wasn’t the case for your pet. However, surgery was necessary so as to treat internal damage and broken bones. You thank God that your friend is alive. The dog is more than just a friend to you. He is a member of the family. Recovery from surgery depends on the animal’s age and condition. What is certain is that it will take a couple of weeks. During that time, you should do your best to help your furry friend get well.

    Take your dog to a veterinary rehabilitation clinic  

    The dog is now home, sleeping off the effects of the anesthetic. Right after the operation, you gave your pooch a light dinner. From now on, you have to pay close attention to what the pet will eat. Your job doesn’t end there, though. Following surgery, your beloved family member needs exercise, so as to be able to regain muscle mass and strength. Taking your dog to a clinic specializing in rehabilitering dyr. A veterinary rehabilitation clinic will be able to help the hound recover from surgery. Physical therapy is an integral part of the pooch’s recovery routine. Exercise brings about many benefits, including restoring mobility, strength, and function. Simply put, your pet will be as good as new. Experts at the animal clinic know exactly what kind of exercise your furry friend needs and how soon.

    Keep the dog isolated from other animals

    If you have more than one dog in your home, then you should better make sure to isolate the injured one from the rest. Why? You may ask. Because the other animals might snap at him. What you need to understand is that after a surgical intervention, your hound is in pain and slightly disoriented. The last thing that you want is for your furry friend’s wound to reopen. This can happen even when the dogs are playing together. It’s a good idea to keep your dog away from other animals for at least 10 days. Your furry friend won’t like it, but you have no choice. There is nothing more important than the health of your dog.

    Stop the dog from licking himself

    Maybe the representatives from the dyreklinikk told you that the pooch can’t stop from licking himself. This is indeed a problem due to the fact that the hound that dirty teeth. As you can imagine, licking infects the wound and damages the tissue. Getting a dog to stop licking himself is almost impossible. The only thing that you can do is equip the family member with an Elizabethan collar. What the plastic cone does is prevent the animal from licking their body. Naturally, there are alternatives to the Elizabethan collar, such as pillow collars. Why would you even think about choosing something else? Because plastic cones can eliminate peripheral vision and cause irritation around the neck.

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