The Proper Way to Get Your Home Packed and Moved

  • 10, 27, 2017
  •  Family 
  • When you or your whole family have to move to a new home, the whole moving process can seem overwhelming at first. However, the problem is getting started, because once you do, everything kinda falls into order, that is if you have a plan. Follow our simple plan to ensure a proper relocation, without losing and breaking anything.

    1. Where do you even start?

    Well, you should start planning several weeks in advance, as you need to gather some supplies, which are not that easy to find. You will need a lot of boxes, as well as newspapers. You can of course buy boxes and wrapping paper, but that can cost you a lot of money, especially if you plan on moving the whole family. So, make sure to start gathering these things in advance. Ask your friends, your family, and your local stores. Once you get your supplies, make sure to make a plan. It is always better to start with the little things, especially the things that you seldom use. Decorations should be your first choice, followed by off-season clothes and shoes, and all other things that you only use from time to time. During this process, try to get rid of some of the stuff that you don’t really use. Trust us, if you haven’t used them in a while, you won’t miss them at your new home.

    2. Should you hire movers?

    This is mostly a matter of budget. Of course, if your budget allows it, you should definitely hire movers. Even if you are short on cash, consider how much you will spend on gas and on renting a van, and compare it with the price of hiring movers. You will be surprised by the result. Our advice is to do some research online before hiring movers, to find a good company that will treat your belongings with delicacy. We recommend NYNJ Movers the best long distance movers NYC. They have a lot of experience with cross country moving processes and they might even advise you on the best way to pack your belongings.

    3. Things that are difficult to pack

    There are certain things which can prove to be very difficult to pack. We are talking mainly about fragile things, but also about big stuff like mattresses. As far as fragile items are concerned, make sure to wrap them well in newspapers or wrapping paper, and try to use box dividers wherever possible. As far as the big items go, try to pack them the manner in which they would take the least space. For example, you might be tempted to roll your mattress, but it is actually better to leave it as it is , and simply wrap it in plastic. You can place it vertically in the moving van and it will take less space than if it were rolled.

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