The healthy couple: supporting your partner’s weight loss journey

  • 05, 09, 2018
  •  Family Food 

    If your partner decides to lose weight, the last thing you want to do is blaming or shaming him, touting yourself as a role model, hiding treats or even worse, keeping them in full sight constantly, organizing an intervention or withdrawing your encouragement and support. Those people struggling to shed a few pounds desperately want their loved ones to know that when it comes to eating healthy and going to the gym, having someone to help them grasp the nettle or even accompany them would truly make a difference, even though we all know that weight loss does represent a personal journey. Furthermore, they might become more irritable than usual because after all, they are trying to change their lifestyle completely and this requires a great amount of effort. For this reason, nobody should judge them if they cannot smile all the time and exude positivity through their pores. Nevertheless, this is an important process for them that will change them physically, mentally and emotionally.

    Your partner’s weight loss journey is not a threat

    While witnessing your partner’s evolution, make sure that you do not belittle him or make him feel like he will never achieve his objective, feeling jealous of the extra attention he might start getting because it really motivates him to go on or viewing this weight los journey as a threat to your happy relationship. Just because your partner will start looking more attractive and being more confident, it does not mean that it will affect his feelings towards you. In fact, he might even start finding new ways to prove his love and affection, especially for rewarding your patience and support during the process. Therefore, make sure that you avoid the mistakes mentioned at the beginning of the article and make it fun, team up, be inclusive and proactive, starting adopting a healthy lifestyle as well by exploring great low crab dinner ideas and enjoy delicious meals together. From the moment your partner initiates this important process, neither one of you should even think about the possibility of failing.

    Team up and start living a healthy lifestyle

    However, this will prove to be very difficult if you keep thinking about things that he should not eat instead of focusing on tasty, simple and healthy foods that he can eat. For instance, you probably know that avoiding sweets is fundamental when starting a weight loss journey, but instead of mourning ice cream, you should start looking for healthy alternatives that you and your partner can cook and savor together or even change ice cream with another frozen dessert. Only your imagination and lack of motivation can lead to unsurmountable obstacles. You should both concentrate on the healthy part, not the weight los part. Looking more supple and attractive is just a bonus of living healthy. Even more, it also influences your mood because you suddenly start feeling heartier, sleeping better and waking up rested, breathing easier, experiencing fewer aches and having an improved immune system so you have all the reasons not to give up.

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