Should you have the locks changed or rekeyed?

  • 04, 26, 2017
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    You have just bought a new house and you don’t know what to do. Some say that having the locks changed altogether is the best way to ensure safe residency, while others say that you just have to have the locks rekeyed. So, which solution is better? What you should know is there is an option for your needs. When it comes to actually having work done on your security systems look for a locksmith near me. A specialist of this kind is the one who can determine whether you need to replace or rekey the locks. In this article, we will explain the difference between the two. Home security is of the utmost importance. Burglaries take place every minute, so you cannot really afford to ignore the locks.

    Changing the locks

    When you move house, you should have the existing locks change. You don’t know for sure if a third party has a set of keys for your new home. What is more, the mechanisms wear out over time and are therefore not reliable. Upgrading the existing security systems is something you must do for your safety and that of your family. If your locks fall into the category of replacement, hire a trained professional. Forget about the videos posted online showing how to change a doorknob and deadbolt. It is better to let a handyman install the new security system. When you upgrade the home’s security, make sure that all your locks are from the same brand or that they have the same type of keyhole. Why? Because you can late have them rekeyed.

    Rekeying the locks

    Everyone knows what changing the lock means. The old security systems are replaced with new ones. Rekeying is not complicated either. The rekeying procedure implies changing the lock tumblers, in other words the mechanisms that prevent them from opening without the right key. What the locksmith does is take out the pins, springs from the cylinder, and replaces them with new ones that work with a completely different key. The fixtures themselves remain unchanged. When you get the locks rekeyed, you don’t have to purchase additional hardware. The fixtures will operate better too.

    Do not do it yourself

    The last thing you should do is to start a DIY project. Changing or replacing residential locks is not something that can be done with the help of a screwdriver. It requires advanced equipment. A locksmith is equipped with the necessary tools for changing or rekeying residential mechanisms. A trained professional has the latest equipment and, most importantly, does not cause damage to the fixtures. What else? A locksmith has expert knowledge. You can be sure that a specialist has the ability to identify which option is right for your particular situation.

    When it comes to security systems, there is really no universal solution. It all depends on your specific requirements. Not doing anything is not an option. Crime rates have increased significantly over the past couple of years and locks are the only ones that can offer you protection.


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