Should parents offer their children sushi?

  • 02, 28, 2017
  •  Family Health 
  • If you love sushi then you know the various benefits it has for your health. But, you are wondering if it is advisable to offer sushi to your children, because you know that it consist of raw fish. Nevertheless, not all the types of sushi, provided by specialised restaurants, offer sushi made with raw fish, there are as many types of this food, as types of fish in the ocean. Many parents consider that sushi is unsafe for children, and they do not introduce it in the diet of their kids. Also, many expectant mothers do not eat it, because they consider that it might be harmful for them. Well, you should not have this misconception, and when you order Westfield Sushi delivery, you should add an extra portion for your kids. Kids consider it a type of fun food, because it is artfully arranged in pieces that captivate the little ones. When you want to introduce your children to sushi, you should pay attention to the following aspects.

    Do not ignore fun and colour factors

    Sushi is delicious, but if children do not consider it visual appealing, then they might not want to try it. In the majority of cases, parents order vegetable rolls for their children, but kids refuse to eat them because they find more appealing the coloured ones from their parents’ plate. Therefore, you should order California rolls with crunchy mango fish roe for your children, because they will find it interesting enough to try it. You should ask the chefs cut the rolls into 8 pieces for making them more manageable for your children. Also, if you order them seaweed paper sushi, ask the chef to substitute the soy paper.

    Make sure your children see what they are eating

    The majority of people tend to order rolls of sushi. However, when it comes to children, they refuse to eat it, because they do not see what the rolls contain. They do not refuse the sushi itself, but the culprit that holds the rolls together. So, if you want to introduce your children to this dish, you should offer them to taste the rice and flavours first. If your little ones are meticulous, then they will want to discover what the rolls contain. It is a good idea to offer them nigiri, because they contain avocado, cooked shrimp, unagi and smoked salmon.

    You should not present sushi as a big deal to your children

    When you talk your children about ordering sushi, you should try to make it as normal as possible. They should not see this dish as something unusual or bizarre, because they will refuse to eat it. There is not a certain age at which you can start offering your children sushi, so you should let yourself guided by your intuition. Also, you should make sure that the restaurant from which you order has fresh seafood available, because this is important for your little ones’ health. And as every dish, they should not make an excess from eating it, because it is a new type of food, and you might not know how their digestive system reacts.

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