Searching for family appropriate outdoor activities? Try netball!

  • 12, 13, 2016
  •  Family Health 

    Getting your children involved in outdoor activities has become a lot harder in the past years. Constant access to technological means such as smartphones or tablets draws their attention from the little joys childhood has from them and prevents them from going outside, running and performing children appropriate activities. However, a great opportunity appears for parents, as lately there are organised London netball Leagues, making outdoor activities considerably more entertaining for children and adults equally. Below are some great benefits netball has for those practicing it.

    1. The advantage of constantly running

    As the large majority of ball games do, netball also requires constant movement from its players. Running, constantly changing directions, they all improve the cardiovascular muscles, as well as agility levels and muscle’s strength. Because of a sedentary way of living, many have obesity tendencies, especially children. Running, however, enables them to burn calories in a faster manner, activating their metabolism for a longer period of time.  

    2. Better coordination capabilities

    Children are not clumsy by nature; they are because of the lack of physical activity. Involving in a game similar to basketball, by performing regularly a throwing motion, players develop stronger hand muscles and bone structure, as well as eye-hand coordination. This enables children become considerably more self-aware, making it possible to involve in more practical activities in the future.

    3. Build that team spirit at a young age

    Children, as a general rule, are being quite self-centred and lack the notion of cooperation. This is because of the low levels of implication in team sports, we guess. Because when playing netball, all players must coordinate and develop their actions accordingly to each other’s, children are more likely of becoming aware of others. Team spirit does not only help when playing a certain game, it helps for a number of purposes. Team spirit comes in hand for school and work projects as well.

    4. Setting realistic goals

    This is one great issue children nowadays have. Expect too much while doing little effort, which, naturally lets them disappointed. A team game such as netball surely helps them learn the skill of risk evaluation as well as chances evaluation, while they become more aware regarding their aptitudes compared with the opponent’s.

    Without any doubt, we can state that involving children is team games such as netball has great positive impact in them, from a physical and psychological perspective.

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