Recycle and transform scrap metal into amazing works of art

  • 10, 24, 2016
  •  Parenting Advice 
  • Just look around your house. There are so many metal objects you have, and you plan to throw to garbage, because you have no use of them. But, have you ever thought at the consequences of your act? The majority of people do not even know what happens with the metal objects they throw away, but this is an aspect you should pay more attention to, because they influence the state of the planet and on long term it might have a negative impact on the life of your children. When comparing the processing of used metal for transforming it into new items, and the extraction of new one, you would notice that the last option has more drawbacks, because not only that it costs more, but it also impacts the environment in a negative way. Therefore, if you do not know what to do with the scrap iron Mississauga, you should consider some of the following ideas, which would help you, create wonderful works of art.

    Decorate your outdoors with old hubcaps

    At a certain point, you would have to change the old hubcaps of your car, and you might think that there is no use of them, and you might intend to throw them away. Well, you should not even think at this option, because you have two options, which allow you improve the planet you are living on. The first one is to take them to a recycling centre and leave the specialists from there to transform them into new items. The second one is to use them to decorate the outdoor of your house. You only have to paint them in diverse colours and because they are round, you can draw them petals to make them look similar to flowers, and place them in your garden alongside with the plants.

    Craft some jewelleries

    Have you ever thought that you can transform the metal junk into a successful business? More and more people are buying handmade jewelleries, because they are unique items, which can help them turn their outfits into fashionable statements, so you should use the metal items you have around to make some accessories. The pop tabs could be transformed into pedants and earrings, by simply using some thin pieces of wire and wrap them around the sides of the pop tabs to create a model. You can hang on them different beads, for making them more appealing.

    Make bird feeders from old cans

    If the pop tabs are great base for making accessories, you can use the cans for making bird feeders. There is nothing more amazing that waking up in the morning in the song of the birds, so if you have a garden, you can cut half of the base of the cans and wrap them around in rope to make them look more natural. Hang them on the branches of trees, and place food in them, the birds would love to come and nest on your property. Moreover, if you do not have crafting skills, do not forget that you can always take the metal items to a recycling centre.



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