Psychotherapy & counselling – dos and don’ts

  • 02, 20, 2017
  •  Family Health 
  • Having your own counsellor or psychologist has become a very popular thing nowadays. There are many celebrities who claim that they cannot imagine their life without their counselling sessions. But why is this “trend” so popular? Well, counsellors say that stress and depression and the two main reasons who determine people to seek for help. But there are, however, some things that people should take into considerations, when it comes to this aspect. Here are a small list with some dos and don’ts for those who are interested in counselling.

    To DO list

    Find the perfect counsellor for your problems. If you live in the UK, you probably know that Counselling in Bristol is one of the most common things. Whenever people feel overwhelmed by their emotions, they look for help.

    Be honest. Going to a counsellor should be your own decision. Or in case your family is concerned about you and they ask you to start going to some therapy sessions, you still have to be honest. There is no point in lying to your counsellor because he or she will not be able to help you. But in case you find it difficult to talk about something, ask the psychologist to give you time. In fact, his/ her duty is to find a way of getting to you. What is more, “confidentiality” is the main word which should describe these types of services.


    Go to as many counselling sessions as you can. You do not have to worry about schedule because a counsellor always takes into consideration your program. You can go to these sessions during weekends or after you finish your working program.

    Some important DON’Ts

    Don’t wait until it is too late. Have you been through a break up lately? Or are you about to get divorced? Well, do not wait anymore and take some counselling sessions. The main role of a counsellor is to help you cope with your emotions.


    In case you find that you are not on the same wavelength with your counsellor, you should look for someone else. A counsellor should be someone who is able to understand your feelings and also someone who does not judge you.


    Do not forget to ask about payment. Going to some therapy sessions is like asking for some regular services. Thus, nothing is done for free. Even if you feel somehow embarrassed, ask your counsellor about the payment methods. Last but not least, do not feel ashamed about your decision of seeing a psychologist. As mentioned before, you are not the only one who has to do that.

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