Private schools – a small guide for pupils and parents

  • 02, 13, 2017
  •  Parenting Advice 

    Parents are always interested in offering the best conditions for their children, when it comes to studying, a thing which also includes finding the perfect schools. But, unfortunately, the programs from the educational systems are not always able to meet their needs and expectations. Therefore, looking for a private school can be one of the best alternatives. On the other hand, there are, however, some things that both parents and pupils should bear in mind when it comes to these private educational institutions. Here are the most important of them.

    Finding the perfect private school – is it a challenge?

    According to those who have tried this thing before, it should not be a challenge. If you look for Educators UK, you will be able to find some valuable information about these schools. There are even some A to Z lists with all the private institutions from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. You only have to decide which one is the best for your children and then look for some extra information.

    Ask for your child’s opinion

    There are many parents who are so stubborn that they think about choosing a private school by their own. But, according to psychologists, if you do not ask for your daughter’s or son’s opinion, they will think that it does not matter. They will also feel neglected and in case they do not like the private institution that you choose, they will put the blame on you.

    Help your kid prepare for the entrance exams

    The majority of independent schools have an entrance assessment process for candidates who entering at 11+ and 13+. Your duty, as a parent, is to help them, by providing the necessary resources such as practice papers and guides. Also, in case you find out that your child thinks that the exams are quite difficult, you should also look for a private tutor. A tutor knows how to find the best solutions, in order to prepare pupils for such difficult exams. On the other hand, there is nothing which should make you feel embarrassed. Worldwide, thousands of children decide to take private lessons in order to get good grades. According to experts, if there is a good connection between the tutor and your children, the study session will be nothing but a pleasant experience.

    Check the costs

    Due to the fact that the majority of private schools offer better studying conditions and programs, they also ask you to pay for some fees. Usually, there are two types of fees: day fees and boarding fees. Parents should take them into consideration because, sometimes, they can be quite expensive. But it is also true that the studying programs of these private institutions can be also superior.

    Look for accommodation

    Last but not least, a very important aspect when it comes to going to a private school is related to accommodation. In case you do not want to pay for a boarding fee, you will have to look for private accommodation. But make sure that the school allows you to do that. On the hand, experts say that sometimes it is more affordable to opt for paying the boarding fees

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