Planning a fairytale wedding – things you should not forget

  • 03, 14, 2017
  •  Marriage Advice 

    If there is not much time left until your wedding, then you must probably be overwhelmed with all the tasks still left to be handled. Due to the high level of stress that is usually linked to this event, you might forget taking care of tasks that can influence your big event in a positive way. A perfect wedding can be achieved only if you pay attention to detail, so you should think everything carefully through. Here are a few tips on the subject, and for more wedding advice, you can click here:

    Install a photo booth

    Although a photo booth is not exactly a wedding necessity, it will certainly be enjoyed by both you and your guests.  A photo booth will allow each person attending your wedding reception to preserve the moment with a funny and cute photograph. This unique wedding element will give guests the possibility to capture some candid fun moments, which will remind them of your wedding. Also, make sure to buy some funny props and backgrounds, to make the booth even more entertaining.

    Sitting arrangements

    This is probably one of the most frequently forgotten details, when it comes to weddings. If you want the entire event to go smoothly, and be perfectly organized, then having designated seats is most definitely necessary. Letting your guests choose their own seats can cause unexpected inconveniences, so to prevent anything from ruining your big day, handle sitting arrangements carefully in advance. Take your guest list and try selecting the right seats for each one of them. If done correctly, your guests will appreciate you for taking the time necessary to handle their sitting arrangements, and placing them at a table with people they know. Enjoy the reception as soon as it starts, by handling this task in advance.

    Set up an open bar

    If you want your guests to see your weeding more like a party than a formal event, having an open bar is a must. With this option at their disposal, people can choose the drink of their choice and refill their drinks whenever they want, without waiting for a waiter to serve them. An open bar is convenient for you, the reception employees and your guests. A wedding venue with an open bar is prone to be a great success, so if you have not put this on your to-do list yet, you should give it more consideration.

    Planning a wedding is certainly stressful, and this is why in most situations, certain things are forgotten and left undone. If you want to make sure your big day is as perfect as you have always pictured it, then try to not overlook the tips mentioned above. Installing a photo booth or adding an open bar to the reception could make a difference for the better, so you should give these ideas more of your consideration. Every small detail can count, when it comes to wedding, so make sure yours turns out great and pay attention to the above-mentioned tips.

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