Petrol in a Diesel car? No problem!

  • 11, 10, 2016
  •  Family 
  • Stress and distractions cause a wrong tank fill every four minutes. Quite a common problem, as you can see. However, what can you do in situations of this kind? Surely, there are solutions for those and you can get out of them with little expenses. For all of those who successfully manage putting petrol in a diesel car, some professionals have the answer for you: fuel removal and car fixing services. Of course, it is no fun being stuck in a petrol station with no way out. Luckily, these experts have a short response time and they work 24/7. Maybe you don’t fully understand the implications, but you surely know your car won’t work for a long time. However, below are some things you should know about these issues and their solutions.  

    1. It can have expensive repercussions on your car

    The logic behind this lies in the fact that engines run differently, depending on their fuel. For example, Diesel fuel acts like a lubrication agent when you start the engine. It maintains the parts in good shape and running, as they should. Starting a car with petrol instead of diesel will certainly damage many parts and components and the expenses for fixing those will surely be high. It acts different from diesel and as you can guess, the effect will be opposed. The other way around, if you put diesel in Petrol car it is less expensive, because most probably you won’t even succeed in starting the engine.

    2. Expensive damage can be avoided

    If you already put the wrong type of fuel in your tank and didn’t already turn on the engine, stop there! The key is not to put it in action. Find some help and push the car into a parking lot until help arrives. Call a specialized company in matters of this kind and wait for them. Usually it takes up to 60 minutes to reach their clients, but it is worth your time. Additionally, you can give your insurance company a call as well. If you manage to drain the fuel before staring the engine, you can avoid expenses involved by having your car fixed.

    3. Go for 24/7 fuel drain services

    You should have a company to constantly collaborate with. Fidelity is always recompensed with high quality and fast work. Therefore, choose a company who is providing 24/7 services of this kind. This way, you can always be sure that day or night someone is going to come in your help. Moreover, you could choose a company having multiple branches around the country. You want them to come as fast as they can regardless of your location.

    Here are some aspects you should bear in mind when you put the wrong type of fuel in the tank. It is important not to panic, remain calm as act as described above. You and your car should be just fine with minimum expenses and you can continue your road.

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