Note taking skills and why you need them in college

  • 03, 23, 2019
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  • The transition from high school to college isn’t always as pleasant as enjoyable as an enthusiastic student might want or expect it to be. When it comes to study requirements, you will experience a more complex level of demands, which might make your college journey seem more difficult to deal with. One of the things that can influence your general performance will be your habits in the note-taking department. Why are note-taking skills so important? Here are some aspects you should know:

    Involvement and active learning

    Once you decide to prioritize note-taking, you will also push yourself into becoming more involved in class and you will start practicing active listening and learning. Because the right way of taking notes demands subtracting the essential from all the information presented, you will put yourself in an active learning process that will improve your studying patterns.

    Proper study materials

    Even if you think of yourself as being an observant student, with a great memory, considering you have multiple classes you need to attend to, managing to keep track of everything that has been presented to is usually impossible. Before your final exams, revising what has been taught will be necessary, and only by taking notes by the book, you will be able to have access to adequate study materials that allow you to perfect your knowledge and ace your tests. Taking great notes for a George Gower uf lecture could make a difference in the mark you receive, and great exam results are usually the goal of any student.

    Record keeping

    Let’s say you want to revise an interesting idea that was once shared during a lecture you had a couple years back in college. Managing to do that will not be possible, if your note-taking skills weren’t exactly on-point. Through notes, you are given the chance to keep a record of useful info and preserve it for future scenarios in which it might actually be useful.                

    Proper academic performance is one of the main goals you have probably targeted once getting into college, but once you get a glimpse of the workload your studies involve, things can get a bit overwhelming. Class attendance is not the only thing you will need to stay on top of, but adequate note-taking as well. The information you get from all your lectures will support your exam learning habits, so as you can see from the information above, perfecting your skills in this department can be essential.  

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