No, you should not teach your children how to drive

  • 05, 16, 2017
  •  Family 

    Parents are not good when it comes to teaching children driving skills. Not only do they teach their kids incorrectly, they also ingrain bad driving habits. So, what do you do when your teens asks you to teach them how to drive? You say no, of course. It is best for your children to learn how to drive from a professional instructor. Professional instructors are paid to teach young people how to drive, preparing them for the test. Simply put, driving instructors do a better job. Instead of supervising your kids, let them take intensive driving lessons.

    Why parents make bad driving instructors  

    Parents don’t make good instructors, that is the truth. On the one hand, parents pass on bad driving habits. They teach their kids how to speed when they climb under the wheel, they make them drive when they are tired, and they rarely wear a seat belt.Cchances are that you have done this too. Even if you don’t explicitly say to your children to drive fast or to not wear a seat belt, they will see you doing it and will follow your example. Driving instruction is better left to the professionals. While you can do many things well and have a great driving record, but that doesn’t necessarily make you a good teacher.

    A professional driving instructor is better

    Mom and dad should not be the driving instructors. As stated previously, some jobs are better left to the professionals. Children actually learn how to control the car and they gain valuable experience. Learning with a professional will help your youngsters gain the skills they need in order to pass the test. There is a reason why they are called professionals. This doesn’t mean that you can’t take your kids on a trip around the neighbourhood anymore. You can and the best thing is that home practice will be better targeted.

    Help your children choose an intensive driving school

    No, you should  not be the driving instructor. Letting your kids learn with a professional instructor is better. What you need to do is let your children help choose an intensive driving school. Location is important when choosing such a school, but so is the teacher. You will want to make sure that your kids are learning from the absolute best. There are many teachers out there, but not all of them are skilled when it comes to teaching youngsters.  

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