Myths about health insurance in France

  • 02, 28, 2017
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  • French medical system is famous worldwide thanks to its good services. But even though, there are some people who say that they feel rather confused when it comes to getting their medical insurance. Thus, here is a small list with the most common myths about the French medical insurances which can help you take the wisest decisions related to this aspect. Check our small guide as soon as possible.

    Myth: You do not need a medical insurance, if you plan on moving to France.

    Why is it a myth? Well, according to those who have been through this situation before, if you do not get your medical insurance, you will have to pay completely for the medical services that you receive. And trust us when we say that they are not cheap at all. Therefore, if you think about staying in France more than a couple of month, you will have to think about this particular aspect.

    Myth: Getting your medical insurance includes a very difficult and complex procedure.

    This this can be true, but if you ask for help, the whole thing will prove a hassle-free experience. In case you wonder what we mean by asking for help, you should appeler Cpam Seine Saint Denis. This thing can prove quite useful because there are experts who can provide you all the necessary information that you have to know about medical insurance.

    Myth: The France medical system does not deserve your money. You should ask for medical care somewhere else.

    This is not true. According to World Health Organization the French medical system is by far one of the best in the entire Europe. You can benefit for high quality services, thanks to cutting-edge medical equipment and also thanks to good teams of medical experts. Hundreds of health professionals move to France each year, due to the highly appreciated medical system. Thus, do not waste your energy on fighting with this myth.

    Myth: Even if you have medical insurance, you cannot benefit from full access to medical services in case of emergency

    This is just a myth. According to specialists, in case you have to face health issues, especially emergencies, you will benefit from a complete range of medical services, without having to wait.

    Myth: The medical insurance does not cover your maternity leave

    In case you plan on giving birth in France, you will have nothing to worry about because the medical insurance also allows you to benefit from maternity leave. What is more, the Fresh medical system is famous for taking good care of mothers and children, by providing them a lot of benefits.

    Myth: You still benefit from medical insurance, even if you get divorced of your French wife/ husband

    Unfortunately this is just a myth. If you got your medical insurance by getting married with a French citizen, you would lose it if you get divorced. The same rule applies in case your employer is the one who provides you the medical insurance. If you quit your job or if you are fired, you will have to let the authorities know about this fact, by completing a declaration.

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