Myths about cellulite you should stop believing

  • 09, 29, 2016
  •  Family Health 
  • Over the years, there have appeared numerous myths about cellulite that numerous people believe are true, when in fact, they should immediately stop believing those myths. It is worth mentioning that there are numerous beauty clinics that can help people get rid of cellulite through some remarkable treatments for cellulite removal Toronto, but in order to benefit from the best results, it is recommended to go for the best clinic in the region. Here are the most popular myths about cellulite busted.

    Thin women do not get cellulite

    This is probably the most popular myth about orange peel skin – the fact that only people that have curvy body have cellulite, when in fact it could not have been any more wrong. It does not matter if you have an athletic, a curvy or a slender body type, since all these are susceptible to cellulite. Some factors that influence the appearance of dimples on skin are weight fluctuation, sun damage and age, not the body type.

    Men do not have cellulite

    This is another popular myth about orange peel skin. It is true that cellulite is far more common in women, but men can suffer from it too. The reason why this is less common in men is that those tissues that connect the muscles and skin layers that are responsible for storing fats are stronger in men compared to women, not to mention that the female hormone oestrogen is responsible for producing fats, whereas the male testosterone is responsible for burning it.

    Cellulite only affects old people

    Another popular saying about cellulite is related to the fact that only people who have reached a certain age can suffer from it, but this is just another myth that everyone should stop believing. It is worth mentioning that orange peel skin can appear whether you are 25 or 55 years old, there is no specific age at which cellulite is more prone to appear.

    Tight clothes help you fight back

    There is this misconception that wearing tight clothes can help you fight against cellulite, which is why numerous clothes available on the market were marked as perfect choice for effortlessly reducing orange peel skin. Many studies show that wearing tighter clothes can actually make it worse, so you should definitely not rely on this matter.

    Weight loss can reduce its appearance

    Although at first losing weight can help you reduce the appearance of cellulite on your body, truth is this is only temporary, since as it was already mentioned, the body type and weight loss do not influence its appearance, as many believe.

    To conclude, these are only a few popular myths about cellulite that have appeared over the years. It is important to know that in order to get rid of it, you should be careful of what you eat, do some physical exercises and, most important, go to a professional beauty clinic and undergo a few treatment sessions. Browse the internet to look for the best clinic in your region.

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