Meal Planning Tips for Busy Parents

  • 02, 07, 2015
  •  Parenting Advice 
  • When you do the groceries, make sure you buy versatile ingredients that can be combined in many ways. Buy plenty of fruits, vegetables, dairy, fish and frozen foods that will last for preparing many meals, instead of having to go to the market every day. Ensure a balanced diet that will keep your family full and healthy so everyone will be happy.

    Make a list

    Choose one day of the week, preferably Sunday, to do the groceries for the week to come so you will have time to buy everything you need. Make a shopping list organized by category so you won’t have to wander in the store. Avoid buying unnecessary stuff that you will end up throwing and stick to the items you really need to have in your home. The list will keep you away from foods you don’t need so you won’t buy anything that’s not on the list.

    Organize your refrigerator

    A crowded refrigerator doesn’t do you any good and doesn’t help you plan your meals as effectively as you would want. Keep a track of everything in your refrigerator by organizing the foods according to their type so you will have everything within reach. Stock your refrigerator with your family’s favorite foods that you can use to prepare the meal and avoid throwing things in the refrigerator randomly because it will be harder for you to know which are your cooking options. The more organized your refrigerator and pantry are, the easier it will be to plan a meal and buy the necessary ingredients.

    Get help from your kids

    Ask your kids to help you shop for food so you will finish faster. They can inspect the refrigerator and see what is missing and they can give you ideas of what foods to cook. Ask them what they would like to eat and create a weekly menu so it will be easier to know what to cook. Older kids can even help you with cooking and can prepare a meal themselves so you will save some time for other household chores.

    Try fast cooking

    When you are in a hurry, you can always resort to simple recipes that can be easily prepared in a few minutes. A microwave oven will get you out of trouble many times as you can use it to prepare fast recipes in any moment of the day. A pressure cooker is also useful when you are a busy parent and you want to prepare a healthy and quick meal for your family.

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