Keen on football? – Take your hobby to the next level

  • 12, 06, 2016
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    Playing football is the favourite activity of dozens of men and boys and it comes with various benefits such as the fact that it is a good for both your body and soul. How is that so? Because after a long stressful working day, you can relax yourself by playing football and you get rid of all the negative thoughts. Moreover, when it comes to physical activities, football can help you keep fit and healthy. This is the reason why there are even a lot of girls who practice this sport.

    But if you are real passionate about football, you should take your hobby to the next level and try 5 aside football leagues in London. But, allows us to explain you more about this subject.

    What are 5 aside football leagues?

    Well, if you look for 5 aside football leagues in London, you will find out that they are some social football leagues. In fact, we can talk not only about 5-a-side football leagues, but also about 6-a-side and 7-a-side with players from all over the country who know how to appreciate this sport. These leagues are running in places like Borough, Brixton, Chelsea and the list may continue. Despite other leagues, these ones have exciting formats that will make you appreciate your choice.

    Which are the benefits of joining such league?

    • You can use your community spirit, by playing in some special charity tournaments such as the Christmas one. This event is not only good for sport fans, but also for those who are looking for a good way of having fun and also for helping the others who are not so lucky when it comes to the economic situation.
    • Those who organise such leagues are interested in launching even a league for women who want to play football because this sport can have the same benefits in the case of women, as in the case of men.
    • It is a hassle free choice! Those who organise the league can provide everything that football players need for their game, starting with balls and equipment and ending with FA qualified references.
    • If you do not want to play, you can let your children join such league.
    • You can benefit from online management for your team, if you are the captain. This means that you have the possibility to communicate with your players easier and to build some good strategies that will make you occupy a top position.
    • Last but not least, do not worry if you want to play as an individual, because these leagues offer you even this opportunity. And if you do not have enough players, you can easily complete your team.

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