Is It Safe for Children to Use the Home Sauna

  • 07, 05, 2015
  •  Family Health 
  • Home saunas have become a popular addition to many homes and many adults use them as therapy, but children using the sauna remained an uncertainty. If you have a home sauna and you are wondering whether or not your children can use it, take a look at our article and clarify all your concerns.

    Saunas and kids

    Children react to heat similarly to adults because they have the same number of sweat glands. What is different is the surface area of their skin, which makes them absorb and emit heat faster because their heads and torsos are bigger compared to their hands. This means that children can use the sauna without being exposed to any health risk. However, they do require more care during the sauna session. The main concern regarding children and saunas are burns that can occur due to the hot heaters that create heat inside the sauna. To eliminate this risk, we suggest you use an infrared home sauna that uses infrared heaters with grills over them that don’t get hot so they don’t represent a hazard. Second, infrared saunas create a dry heat that is safer and more comfortable for children to sit in. Infrared saunas are safe for children and can be used without any concern regarding their health and safety.

    Safety measures

    When using the sauna, kids have to be more careful and they must take some safety precautions that will ensure a comfortable and safe sauna experience. This way, they will have a great time in the sauna and will enjoy all its health benefits without being affected in any way.

    • First of all, kids should never use the sauna without the presence of an adult that can monitor them staying in the sauna.
    • Second of all, the temperature in the sauna must not be very high, compared to the temperature an adult can handle. Children are more sensitive and they react differently to heat and having to endure high temperatures can be risky for them. We advise you to opt for one of the Dynamic saunas AMZ. Based on the expert Dynamic saunas AMZ ratings from the website, these saunas have easy to use controls that allow you to control the temperature, among many other features.
    • Another essential safety precaution is the time kids spend inside the sauna, which shouldn’t exceed 25 minutes per day. Although adults can resist much longer in the sauna. Children should avoid long-term exposure to the heat although it’s a dry heat created by infrared heaters.
    • Hydration during the sauna session is of utmost importance because children will eliminate high amounts of water through sweat and they must restore their body’s hydration. Make sure the little ones drink plenty of water prior, during, and after the sauna session.

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