Interested in buying E-cigs? See which one are the best in UK! 

  • 11, 28, 2016
  •  Family Health 

    Many claim that smoking should be declared a public health issue. However, when it comes to quitting, not many succeed in doing so. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance and creates high levels of discomfort when you prohibit your body from it. You can imagine what devastating effects passive smoking can have on children’s health. If you want an alternative to traditional smoking, you must know there are e cig starter kits online that have health risks for neither you nor your family. For those unable to quit smoking, there is finally a healthy alternative! Below are some pieces of information on the best kits available out there.

    1. Eleaf 60W TC comes with an upgrade from the previous version

    With a better quality and power, the 60W version comes in a variety of frames and designs, which makes it easy to match with your personal style. Besides its improved look and power, this kit comes also with a number of improvements. You can easily control the temperature, its display comes with OLED technology, more stable batteries. Despite its previous version, this kit uses wattage of 1-60W.

    2. Guardian Kit – the classiest e-cigarette

    If gentleman’s style is what you’re aiming for, than this kit is for you. The E-cigar comes in a tobacco pipe style. Black and sleek, with beautiful features, and, of course, more powerful because of its mono 18650 battery, the kit uses a 75W power supply. Because of that, all users will experience a stronger aroma, and an extraordinary overall experience. From its unique look, to the easy to navigate menu, this E-cigarette is going to take all its users experience to the next level.

    3. iJust 2 – the most popular and affordable alternative

    All users will have a unique experience with this little device. It is fairly powerful, using high capacity 2400mAh battery, while its tank capacity assures a long lasting and steady liquid fill. It is a lot more comfortable and low maintenance, especially because of this aspect. It comes with a removable band, which makes the air flow easily adjustable. Compact and lightweight, it is one of the best alternatives available out there on the market.

    4. eGo Starter Kit – for your first phase of your E-cigarette smoking

    If unsure what you should buy for your first E-cigarette, a starter kit is a good step. It comes with a USB charging cable, which makes it so versatile, a 900mAh battery, and it uses a SMOKtech technology. The liquid fill is quite generous, of 20ml, and you can change the aroma anytime you need a change. Also, the kit comes in a variety of colours, which makes it easier to match it to your personal style and occasion.

    Here are some of the best kits available on the market as we’re speaking. Always make sure you buy bespoke E-cigarettes, for a good experience and numerous health benefits.

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