How to tell if you and your partner are ready for the big step?

  • 09, 07, 2017
  •  Marriage Advice 

    Communication is the base of a healthy relationship. And many think that just because they are continuously taking to their partners, they are truly communicating. Thing is, not all couples communicate in a meaningful fashion. And not everybody is willing to open up regarding their deepest secrets, desires and aspirations out of nowhere. This is why meaningful dialogue between two partners is so important. A post found on The Adult Man is giving men indications in terms of important questions men should ask their partners. As you can easily imagine, some questions will lead to positive and meaningful dialogue. But let’s see if there is any way of telling if you and your partners are prepared to take your relationship to a whole new level…an official level.

    1. How do you both see your relationship?

    You should have established by now what type of relationship you have. But you will be amazed by the number of individuals that see their relationship completely different than their partner. While many see their relationship as a serious one, a relationship that may lead to marriage, their partners may perceive as something casual. And this is where the issues begin. If you doubt that your partners’ intentions and yours are the same, ask them sincerely what expectations they have from the relationship. But listening to their answers may not be enough. Listen actively and contribute to the dialogue. Then, share your opinion with your partner and allow them to do the same.

    2. How do you see your future?

    It is important to establish if you both have the same aspirations, before making the big step. For instance, establish if you both see marriage as the next natural step in your marriage, if you both want to have children, at what age, how you will manage your finances and how will you educate the said children. If your values and aspirations don’t align, it is safe to say that your relationship is destined to fail. Your values and goals won’t change in time, especially if you are both grown adults and this will damage you both emotionally.

    3. Can you sustain a potential marriage on the long run?

    A happy marriage needs bilateral efforts in order to remain happy. Also, compromises will be made, also bilaterally, in order to create equilibrium. Make sure that you are ready to make these compromises and help others in the process. Also, make sure that you have the ability to overlook small flaws of your partner, because you might have some as well.

    These are some great things you and your partner could do in order to find out if you are ready for the big step. Marriage requires for plenty of communication, compromise and understanding. Make sure that you are both able to contribute to the relationship with these and you should be just fine. Also, take advice for those with more experience than you. Learn from their mistakes.

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