How to pack a bedroom when moving in a new house

  • 12, 06, 2016
  •  Family 

    Are you moving in a new house? Great for you! This means that you would have a lot more space to move around, and you finally have the possibility to install all the furniture items you have in mind. But, this does not mean that you would throw away all the old furniture from your present house, you might want to keep some of the items from your bedroom for example, and in this case you have to be sure that you pack them carefully, to not damage any one of them. The best thing you can do is to hire a professional company, which offers European removals, to handle the entire process, because they have experience in this domain, and they know exactly what they have to do. However, if you want to handle by yourself the packing of the things you have in the bedroom, then you can take a look at the following tips.

    Pay attention to the clothing items

    When it comes to clothing items, you have the possibility to let the clothes on hangers and to place them in different wardrobe cartons. It is advisable to purchase enough cartons, because they would protect the clothes. You should count the hangers from your wardrobe, because one carton could hold about two feet of compressed items, and if you do not want for the clothes to wrinkle, then you can place fewer in the cartons. In case you do not want to transport the clothes on the hangers, then you can simply place them in a suitcase.

    The pillows and mattresses are important

    For being sure that you transport these items in safety conditions, and they would not suffer any damage, you should ask the removal company to handle them. They have to be placed in bags especially designed for holding these items, so you should let the professionals do the job.

    Do not forget the curtains and draperies

    The majority of people are packing everything from their bedroom, but they forget about these items because they are placed on the windows, and they skip them from view in the busy process of moving. Do not do the same mistake, take them off from the windows and hang them on wardrobe cartons. Because they are longer than clothes, you would have to fold them and pin them to be able to hang them in the carton. Make sure that the cartons used for these items are lined with plastic or paper.

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