How to Get Kids to Spend More Time Outdoors

  • 04, 27, 2017
  •  Parenting Advice 
  • Are you worried that your kid is spending too much time playing video games? Spending time outdoors is essential for children. It is a healthy way for them to spend their energy, and physical activities are extremely important for growing children. However, if you want to get your kid away from video games don’t put restrictions on the computer. Instead, teach your child that playing outdoors is so much more fun. You must understand that the outdoors are not interactive by design, as opposed to video games, and unless you teach them, kids don’t really know how to play outdoors. Today, we will talk about some simple ways in which you can get your kids to play outside.

    Play with them

    Teach your kids, your childhood games and you will see that they will immediately like them. Kids, especially the very small kids, love playing with their parents, and they love it when parents act like kids. If you only have one child, invite your friend’s kids on play dates and teach them your favorite games. Once they get the taste of outdoor games, they will no longer need your assistance and will start playing by themselves.

    Buy some outdoor games

    Drawing Hopscotch on the ground was fun for us, as we didn’t have other games to compare it with. However, if you expect your kid to play Hopscotch instead of Candy Crush, you will be very disappointed. In order to deal with this, find some modern equipment to make outdoor games more fun. For example, the classic capture the flag game, has been updated with some very cool gear from Redux. The new and improved Redux game includes glowing orbs, bracelets, and jail markers, as well as some cool story variations which make the game infinitely more fun. The glowing accessories allow for the capture the flag game to be played at night and it is not only fun, but it also teaches kids about strategy and communication. Role-playing games can also be played outdoors and if you buy your kids some cool equipment from their favorite games, they will surely spend more time outside.

    Get your kid a bike or other ride-on toys

    If you want your kid to be an active get them a ride-on toy. Whether it is a bike, roller skates, or a skateboard, your kid will surely appreciate it and make the most of it. However, make sure to also get them some protective gear as these sports can be a little dangerous, especially when the kids are older and they are trying to impress their friends with cool stunts.

    Turn your backyard into a playground

    A sure way to get the kids to play outside, is to make the outdoors more entertaining. There are many ways to do this. Start easy by installing a swing, maybe buy a trampoline, and if you are feeling crafty, you can even build a tree house. Depending on your budget and the size of your yard, you can also install a climbing wall, a zip-line and other fun accessories that you usually find at the playground.

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