How to Delegate Household Chores

  • 03, 02, 2016
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  • Just because you’re a mother and a wife, it doesn’t mean that you should be the only one responsible when it comes to the household chores. You have to involve your family as well in order to teach them to be more responsible, and to finish faster too. If you want to learn how to delegate household chores in a fair way among your family members, read the following lines.

    Make the children pick up the clutter they leave behind and clean their rooms

    Children are usually the ones who make the biggest mess. This doesn’t mean that they should be spared of cleaning up after themselves. On the contrary, you can take advantage of the mess they make to teach them a lesson. Make the small ones clean up all the clutter that they make around the house with no exception. Also, make them clean their rooms. They mess it up, therefore, it’s not your responsibility to clean up after them. By delegating the children to take care of the clutter that they made in the first place, and by making them clean their rooms, you will raise them to be responsible of their own actions. In addition, they will surely think twice before they leave the toys lying around next time they play.

    Designate your husband to take care of the “manly” chores

    Your husband shouldn’t be absolved of participating in the household chores either, no matter how tired he says he is. To make it more tempting for him to participate, delegate him to take care of the “manly” chores around the house. For example, hand him the lawn mower and have him mow the lawn. He will particularly enjoy this task, if you have one of the 2016 best lawnmower units, one with cool features that your husband can explore.

    It is a known fact that men are generally passionate about tools and gadgets, so it is more likely for him to mow the lawn if you buy the 2016 best lawnmower. He can even have fun with the lawn mower, pretending that he’s in a race to make the time pass by faster. Another chore that your husband should do is to arrange his tools in the garage and clean the garage overall. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to make him help you clean the kitchen. He uses this room too, even if he doesn’t cook. Therefore, he should help you at least with washing the dishes.

    Take care of the rest of the chores yourself

    Of course, most of the big household chores will still fall on you. But at least there won’t be so many anymore. If you delegate taking care of the garage and the lawn to your husband, and you make the children pick up their things and clean their rooms like we discussed, you save a lot precious time. If you have a robotic vacuum cleaner, you will be done in no time. We recently read this Samsung vr9000 powerbot review which convinced us to give it a try and we have to say that we were quite impressed with the results. It received some great ratings from the website due to the fact that it is very powerful and it works great even on carpets. While the Samsung vr9000 Powerbot robotic vacuum cleaner takes care of cleaning the floors of your home, you can tend to dust, arrange the beds, clean the kitchen counters, and everything else there is to do. If you don’t already own such a device, invest in one. After all, you deserve all the help you can get because you’re only human, and you need your free time to unwind and relax.

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