How to Deal with Your Kid’s Allergies

  • 10, 13, 2015
  •  Family Health 
  • Many children suffer from allergies because their fragile body is constantly being attacked by all kinds of allergens. As a parent, you certainly want to make them feel better and the tips we offer you below will help you deal with your kid’s allergies.

    Have tests performed

    To be able to cope with an allergy, you must first determine what is causing it so you can take care of that. If your kid suffers from itching, running nose, watering eyes, or eczema, have them checked by a doctor that can tell you what is making the kid allergic. It’s easier to deal with an allergy if you know exactly what is causing it.

    Purify the air

    Most allergens are found in the indoor air and this makes them so hard to eliminate. Luckily, you can use an air purifier to deal with your kid’s allergies since it’s the most effective air cleaning device. Place an air purifier in the child’s bedroom and in any other room where they spend their time and let this device filter the air and remove the allergens from it. For more details on various air purifiers and a comparison of their efficiency, go to and check out the reviews that will narrow down your options and will help you choose the best air purifier.

    Keep pollen away

    During spring, when the pollen is starting to affect kids who suffer from allergies, is best to keep your kid inside to avoid contact with pollen. Wipe your feet when you come inside and change the outwear that got into contact with pollen and other indoor allergens. Your kid’s hair is a pollen magnet so they should wash their hair after a walk in the park in order to avoid transferring the pollen to their pillow.

    Warm their airways

    Steam can be extremely useful for easing the allergy symptoms and making the little ones feel much better. Whether it’s a hot bath where all the steam from the water is inhaled or you prepare a bowl of hot water and have the kids breathe the steam, they will feel better due to the warm steam that clears the nose. Add a few drops of essential eucalyptus oil so the effects will be more intense.

    Use saltwater

    Stuffy nose is an unpleasant allergy symptom that makes kids feel very uncomfortable. You can relief their nose with some saltwater that eliminates mucus and clears the airways. Saltwater can be found in any drugstore or you can make it at home using boiled water and ionized salt.

    Add moisture to the air

    The same nourishing effect can be obtained with the help of the humidifier that adds moisture to the air so the kid’s airways will be soothed and hydrated. Place the humidifier in the kid’s room and their sleep will be significantly improved and the allergy symptoms will be eased.

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