How to avoid problematic tenants

  • 06, 20, 2017
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  • Bad tenants are the nightmare of every landlord. No matter if they delay paying rent, destroy your property or break rules, they make your job stressful and prevent your property from fulfilling its financial potential. However, most unpleasant tenant misunderstandings can be prevented if you know how to look and how to avoid problematic individuals. Follow these tips and you will be less likely to get caught in a conflict.

    Ask for references

    The golden rule of avoiding bad tenants is to conduct a thorough screening process. Not matter how urgent it is for you to find someone, don’t cut corners, because you don’t want the wrong person living in your property. If an individual or family shows interest in the house, don’t accept them immediately. Ask them to provide you with references and take some time to check their background. One phone call with their previous landlords will bring up any bad habits that they might have.

    Work with a letting agent

    If you don’t have time to conduct the screening yourself or if you’re afraid you will not be good at it, contact letting agents in Sandiacre. Not only will they advertise your property and find interested tenants, but also check their background. Professional letting agents will never lease your property to questionable individual, so you can rest assured it is in the right hands.

    Be firm from the beginning

    Many problems can be avoided with you are firm from the beginning. If you allow tenants to delay rent in the first months or you’re not very upset about them breaking rules, then their behaviour will get worse. While being understanding is a virtue, you shouldn’t forget to be clear and firm either. Contact them for any behaviour that is bothering you and make it very clear that you don’t want the same thing to happen again. It’s better to be a bit strict at first and then become more familiar than display a lack of authority from the first month.

    Establish the ground terms

    Another way to avoid issues is to lay out the basic terms of your collaboration. Tell your tenants very clearly what they can and cannot do and when they should contact you. Some landlords prefer being contacted for the smallest thing, while others let tenants figure things out between themselves. Also, let them know if they are allowed to make any repairs and replace furniture without your approval.

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