Fast and easy flower arrangements for your event

  • 09, 22, 2017
  •  Marriage Advice 
  • If you have a garden full of flowers, and you have to plan an upcoming event, then you should consider the option of saving money and creating your own flower arrangements. You do not need too many things, and knowledge when it comes to creating flower arrangements, because nowadays people like casual arrangements. This means that you should not try to make them all look the same, because if they are unique, they will give a special vibe to the venue. You will need some basic tips on how to mix and match flowers and greens, and what accessories you can use, but this can be learnt quite quickly. Check below for inspiration.

    Create bright and elegant arrangements

    If you want to create the flower arrangements for an event as a wedding, then you should combine the flowers to look elegant. You should use a single variety of flowers if you want to create bouquets with the help of hosta leaves. You should cut the leaves stems long so you can adjust them according to the type and size of flowers you will use. You can also add to the bouquets florist ribbons to make them look classier. You can create small bows, or you can leave the stripes to flow on the floor.

    Place the flowers inside the vase

    If you want to create some unique flower arrangements, then you can buy some large clear vases, and you can place the flowers inside them. You can add a large leaf to the base of the vase to create a background for the flower, and then you can place a single blossom in the water. You can place a floating candle on the top to light the venue on the evening. Do not forget to tie a ribbon on the base of the vase, if you want to use them to decorate the aisle of a wedding, for example.

    Use some cups

    If you have some old cups, from mismatched sets, then you can use them instead of vases to create flower arrangements. For example, you can fill the teacups with hydrangea flowers in a colour that contrasts the one of the cups. For a complex look, you can mix flowers in different colours. Moreover, if you want to create an interesting décor, then you can hang the cups with the flowers from the ceiling with the help of ribbons. Check online for wholesale quantities, because the more cups you will pace, the more amazing the venue will look.

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