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Is Chlorinating Your Home Pool Dangerous for the Kids?

Children are very sensitive and fragile. Their immune systems are not as strong as ours are. Therefore, something that doesn’t present any danger to an adult can easily harm a child. If you have a pool and you want to know whether chlorinating the pool is dangerous for your children or not, read this article.

Reasons why you should encourage your child to practice sport

As a parent, you have a great responsibility in always offering to your child love, support, and protection and teaching him or her important life lessons and values which will help your child grow into a well-shaped adult.  When kids are little, it is the best time to teach them healthy habits which they are …

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  How the relationship between parents affects the child

It should not be a surprise for anyone that a child is affected when he or she sees that their parents are constantly fighting and cannot get along well with each other. Surely there is no perfect relationship which does not have conflicts from time to time because sometimes it is normal to have a …

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Your husband has a hangover. Now what?

You’ve been married for years and you love your spouse very much. However, you don’t like it when your spouse is hungover after a night out. They can’t handle the drink. You’re upset because you think that your significant other is acting irresponsibly. Instead of blaming the poor fellow, you should try to make their …

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Global focus: mental health issues are on the rise

Even though people consider that today’s life is visibly easier to live, more and more people suffer from mental health issues. In fact, mental illnesses are on the rise and people can’t explain why. Fifty years ago, less people struggled with the unpleasant effects of depression or anxiety. The causes behind this dramatic change are …

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Is it healthy to consume protein powder? All your questions answered

You probably have seen that many people who are keen on sports or other activities that involve physical movement sometimes consume protein powder. You may have a wrong perception of what protein powder is used for, of its effects on the body and so on. This article is going to present complete explanations on how …

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Where should you go for parenting advice?

If you haven’t been living under a rock, then you’re familiar with the saying “It takes a village to raise a child”. This expression has been largely quoted, maybe more than necessary. You don’t need an entire community to look out for your kid. However, you do need help. Navigating parenthood is a difficult undertaking. …

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3 things to know before putting in a new roof

The condition of the house matters, but you don’t need us telling you that. You’re a parent and you know very well that your main responsibility is to ensure that your kids are healthy. As a matter of fact, you’re going to put in a new roof. The last thing you want is for your …

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