Don’t know how to surf an inflatable stand up paddle board?

  • 09, 19, 2017
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    Who would have thought that being a surfer is good for the health? Well, it is. Besides the fact that you get tons of physical exercise, you have the opportunity to stay healthy. Surfing, especially stand up paddle boarding, involves the use of the upper body muscles. What you get is a cardiovascular workout. Raising your heart rate is not all that surfing can do. This sport increases your flexibility and actually helps you sleep better at night.

    If you have never tried stand up paddling, it is time you did. Stand up paddling (SUP) is a lot more versatile than regular surfing, in the sense that it offers more chances to compete with waves even if surfing is not your cup of tea, you should make an effort. You do want to be in good health, do you not? To get started, you can buy an inflatable stand up paddle board. As for the surfing part, continue reading for tips.

    Get your inflatable stand up paddle board to high pressure

    In order to take advantage of what stand up paddling has to offer, make sure that you get your board to high pressure. What you are going to see when you pump up your inflatable stand up paddle board is that the needle is not moving too much. If does not take 2 people to pump up the board, just one. The thing is that you have to pump up the stand up paddle board until it reaches 17 or 18 PSI. After you are completely certain that the pressure is high enough, put the valve cover. But why does tablas de paddle surf hinchables pressure matter anyway? Well, the stiffer the surf board is, the quicker, the reaction time.

    Position your feet correctly on the stand up paddle board

    You would be tempted to think that you just stand up on the inflatable paddle board and that is it. Well, not exactly. If you do not position your feet correctly, you will not have a good balance on the board and you will fall in the water. So, how are you supposed to stand on an inflatable surf board? After you find the center of the board, place your feet in a parallel position, and make sure that your knees are bent a little bit. It will take some time before you get used to the position.

    Ride off your back foot

    When surfing on an inflatable stand up paddle board, you should ride off your back foot. Back-foot surfing allows you to attack the lip of the wave, though you have to apply more pressure. The only problem is that beginners do not even know how powerful their back foot is. If you want to have a good workout and have fun while doing so, ride off your back foot. You will be surprised to discover just how useful is positioning your back foot the right way. The controllable features of the inflatable stand up paddle board are at the back, so keep that in mind.

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