DIY projects for your newly decorated room

  • 09, 22, 2017
  •  Family 
  • You just reconditioned one of the rooms in your house but have absolutely no idea what else to decorate it with? It seems like you have too much free space and you’d like to embellish it with unique deco items that can grab anyone’s attention in an instant. Well, if this is your situation you are in the exact right place. Here you will find a list with vintage DIY projects that can repurpose old items of your own or create other from scratch. Keep reading if you’d like to know how to do it:

    Lace Balls

    The best thing you can do without it requiring serious DIY skills is lace balls. Hanging them all around your house or simply keeping them in an empty corner can instantly change the aspect of your home. You will only need normal plastic balloons, no matter the colour. Plus, you’ll have to buy lace ribbons from The Ribbon Room and some glue spray. Once you gather all the things, you have to place all the lacey ribbons on the balloons while spraying glue on them. After that, the ball is going to dry and you can pop the balloon. What is going to be left is a beautiful lace ball that you can attach to the ceiling or simply store them as deco items somewhere in the house.

    Distressed Furniture

    Distressing furniture became extremely popular during the last few years. If you own old furniture and you don’t know what to do with it, you should know that distressing will make it look like it’s freshly bought from Ikea. Given the fact that vintage is the new modern and everyone seeks for vintage items to place in their homes, this project will surely grab anyone’s attention. Choose the furniture piece you’d like to transform (it can be a dresser, a desk, a coffee table or anything you may think of) and the tools you need. One of the most facile techniques for distressing furniture is by using vinegar to make the material seem worn out. Other methods imply dust and a lot of toxic varnish. Using a rag and vinegar and simply starting to go over the surface that needs to be distressed will work as a charm. After you are done, choose a colour of your choice and start painting your object. Minty green or powdered pink are just two of the favourites.

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