DIY necklace ideas with ribbons

  • 10, 24, 2016
  •  Marriage Advice 
  • Do you like switching up your necklaces and want a unique alternative to the mass produced ones you find in stores? Then grab your glue and scissors, because it’s time to discover the hottest DIY trends that will take your necklace game to a whole new level! Most importantly, buy wholesale ribbon in various widths and colours, because this is the perfect material for making charming, feminine necklaces. Once you learn a few tips and tricks, not only will you have one-of-a-kind accessories, but also save a lot of money. Here are two simple projects that anyone can try out, no matter the season.


    Ribbons and pearls – a match made in heaven

    If you’re looking for a classy necklace for a special occasion, the perfect combination for you are ribbons and pearls. All you need for this project are a long strand of thin satin ribbon and a few white pearl beads. Keep the pearls at the base of the necklaces and tie them with the ribbon strand in a wide, delicate bow. This necklace goes well with lace dresses and tops and can add an elegant touch to an understated outfit. It’s also one the most famous accessories that Carrier Bradshaw wore in Sex and the City and you can recreate it with just a few minutes of work! The benefit of this type of necklace is that you can adjust the length from the ribbon depending on what outfit you are wearing that day.


    Elegant chockers with ribbons

    Chockers have made quite the comeback lately, but if you don’t like the cheap plastic ones, then you can make your own cute chockers using ribbon strands. It’s really quick and you don’t need any special skills. Depending on the length of your neck, you can choose a thinner or wider strand of black velvet or satin ribbon. Both are easy to find online and they will only cost you a couple of pounds. You can keep the chocker as such, without adding anything to it, or, to spice it up, you can buy different pendants to hang on. These are also very affordable and you can buy them in bulk or you can just take a pendant from another necklace you’re not using. This combination is very elegant and you can wear these chockers with an all-black outfit or a black leather jacket that get cool rock-chic look that’s been in lately.


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