Dangers that may threaten your family on warm season  

  • 05, 02, 2017
  •  Family Health 
  • As an adult and parent, one of your main priorities becomes keeping your family safe, especially the children. It is normal to be concerned about your family’s safety, which is why you need to find a solution to avoid incidents, instead of solving crisis situations. After analyzing multiple cases, experts have reached the conclusion that most accidents take place close to home. For this reason, if you want to protect your family from hazards, make sure your house is secured and proofed, thus being a reliable environment both for adults and kids. While during winter, you have to be careful to falls and slips on ice, summer comes with some different types of hazards. Do not underestimate these risks and try your best to prevent unpleasant events that could affect your family’s safety. Here are some of the most common dangers that can become a threat for you, during the warm season:  


    High temperature and sweltering humidity are known to be the cause why insect activity tends to increase considerably during summer. As soon as the sun starts to remain more time on the sky, bugs, flies and mosquitoes will invade parks and gardens. These invasive intruders are not only very annoying for outdoor activity fans, but they are also quite dangerous for you and your family. Insect bites can cause allergies and rashes, not to mention the saliva remaining on your skin can transmit a wide array of conditions and health diseases. From the Lyme syndrome to Malaria or Zika, many illnesses are spread exclusively because of insects. House owners should take all the precautions to prevent the pest from invading their properties, and so should you. Visit the page electric-bug-zapper.com and check out to see which the best devices that will help you get rid of bugs are. If you want to protect the environment as well, you also have the option to choose a sun powered product!

    Summer fires

    This may sound odd and even ridiculous for some, but summer fires are an actual danger you must be aware of. Even if you live in an urban area, you must know that certain properties are at high risk, because of scrub, bushes and grass in their vicinity. Remember that the most exposed are the houses that have parks and woods nearby. Fire fighters warn owners to understand the situation, not underestimate grass fires and be very careful when it comes to preventing them, especially during the warm season. On summer, high temperatures and wind facilitate the spread of fire and this makes the phenomenon even more dangerous. This could result in considerable damage, trauma, injuries and sometimes even death.  


    Whether you own a pool or you are just planning a holiday at the seaside, keep in mind that water is one of the main elements causing casualties on summer. Unfortunately, drowning is a common hazard on vacations. However, it can be easily avoided if you supervise kids as they go out and make sure there is at least one adult person of the group who knows how to swim.


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