Choosing the right hotel for your pet

  • 06, 19, 2017
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  • If you are planning a vacation in the near future, and brining your pet with you is not an option, you are probably currently searching for a pet hotel. Although there might be various offers available in your area, you should not opt for the first one you come across, but research the topic for a bit in advance. To ensure yourself that your pet is cared for during the days spent apart from you, here are a few tips on choosing the right kennel:

    Check the layout of the hotel

    The first thing you can do is check the hotel out and see what it looks like. If your pet will spend a few days there, you need to make sure they have all the comfort necessary, and the kennel includes both an outdoor and indoor area for them to play. Dogs, for example, need to exercise on a daily basis, in order to consume their energy, so a hotel that does not include a spacious outdoor playing area will not make such a good option. While looking online for kattehotell, see if you can find any pictures posted on their websites, and if not, check the facility in person before booking a spot. Also, the pets should have a special program organized for them on a daily basis, which includes enough interaction.

    Dogs should be separated from dogs

    Even if some dogs and cats might be friendly, and get along, in most situations having a dog and a cat in the same room will only cause problems. A kennel Oslo that keeps the dogs separated from the cats will make a safer and better option. This aspect is even of greater importance if you know your pet does not get along with other animals, and being close to one can cause a fight or an agitated behavior.

    Talk with the staff

    Before dropping your pet off at the hotel, make sure you have met and discussed with the people who will be looking after it. Even if a facility looks good and seems like a reliable option, the people working there are the most important ones to pay attention to. Talk with the staff and see if they make a good first impression. Are they friendly? Do they seem to love animals as much as they should? Are they experienced in working with pets? Only if the hotel’s staff seem like good animal-loving people, you can feel safe leaving your god or cat under their supervision for a few days. Also, make sure the pet hotel has night staffing as well, to avoid any inconveniences.

    As you can see, there are a few things you will need to pay attention to when you are searching for the ideal hotel for either your dog or your cat. Because you probably desired for your beloved pet to be left in the right hands, informing yourself about a few aspects, before choosing a kennel will be necessary. The details  mentioned above are the most important ones to take into account before making a reservation at a pet hotel.

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