Car camping with kids: Tips you’ll want to know

  • 08, 24, 2017
  •  Family 

    You have heard people talk about car camping, yet you weren’t curious enough to ask what it is. Car camping is just another type of camping, what makes it so special being the fact that it offers access to many outdoor destinations. Instead of walking to the campsite, you drive there. Car camping is great. Take your kids on a camping trip. They will love it and you get the chance to explore the great outdoors as you please. You had in mind to buy used GMC Acadia anyway.  Get the mid-size SUV and go car camping with your children. This guide will help you survive the road trip.

    Pack the essentials

    Since car camping is a type of camping, you and your kids will need to be prepared for spending the night outdoors. You have your little ones with you, so you will have to make efforts to make them feel comfortable. Practically, you will have to create a home away from home. Things that should be on your checklist are:

    • Large-size tent
    • Sleeping bags
    • Pillows
    • Mattress

    This is only for the bedroom. For your outdoor kitchen, you’ll be needing things like:

    • Camp stove
    • Lighter
    • Water container
    • Table cloth
    • Coffee pot
    • Cutlery and plastic cups

    If you like, you can treat your kids to a restaurant meal. If you can afford to eat out each time, go ahead. Finally yet importantly, do not forget to bring extra clothing because it will get cold at night. Bring along jeans, tank tops, and t-shirts. Will all this fit in your GMC Acadia? Sure, it will.

    Prepare your kids

    If your children have not had the camp experience, they will not feel at ease sleeping in a tent. This is why you need to help them get over this fear. Discuss the camping experience before you hit the road, insisting on the positive aspects and leaving out the bad ones. When you are literally in the woods, replicate the nighttime routine for example, if your kids sleep with the light on, leave the nightlight on.

    Check the GMC Acadia

    You cannot just assume that the car is ready for the car camping trip. You have to be sure. Test driving the GMC Acadia is essential. Take the vehicle for an extended drive and pay close attention to how it accelerates and the brakes. If you do not notice any strange noises or vibrations, great. The car is capable of handling off-road conditions, so you are good to go.

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