Best Gift Ideas for a Picky Husband

  • 06, 28, 2016
  •  Marriage Advice 
  • If finding the perfect gift for a man wasn’t hard enough, finding one for a picky husband is even harder and requires even more patience and care. Luckily, women are very inventive and inspired and can come up with the best gift that would satisfy even the hardest-to-please man. To help them with that, we have selected some of the gift ideas we thought would best suit a picky husband.

    An electric shaver for a perfect look

    You can never fail if you offer your husband a new and advanced electric shaver that will make shaving a real pleasure. The Braun Series 7 799cc-7 is a foil shaver is a great choice for men who shave often and want to achieve a close cut without damaging their skin. The Intelligent Sonic technology used by this electric shaver delivers fast micro-vibrations that capture more hair. It suits any skin type and it manages to cut every hair with extreme precision.

    A radar detector for his precious car

    Any man is attached to his car and any gift that involves this personal asset will please them, so you can take advantage of their weakness when it comes to cars and offer them a radar detector as a gift. The Escort Passport 9500ix is a great unit that will make driving a safer and more comfortable experience. It covers the X, K, and Ka bands and features front and rear laser detection for the highest accuracy and detecting police guns.The AutoSensitivity feature increases the range of detection as your speed increases and the Autolearn software detects false alarms.

    A new coat for his tablet

    You can show your husband how much you care about his belongings by buying him a new tablet case like this one from New Trend that works as a keyboard as well. It’s an iPad case with a Bluetooth connection that turns it into a keyboard that enables the user to comfortably accommodate the tablet into many positions so they can write or watch stuff on their tablet.

    A fitness tracker to help him stay fit

    If your husband is a fitness enthusiast who likes to lead a healthy life and often goes to the gym, a fitness tracker could be of great use when keeping track of his progress. The FitBit Alta fitness tracker is the latest gadget that allows him to monitor his daily activities and his sleep episodes and reminds him when it’s time for some workout.

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