Bathroom renovation: mistakes that might turn your project into a failure

  • 03, 27, 2018
  •  Family 
  • Do you enjoy spending at least ten minutes in the shower with the hot water pouring over you after a hectic day? Are you the type of person who listens to music while showering? Do you have to share a single bathroom with the entire family so you do not get to spend much time in there and pamper yourself? Regardless of your answer to these questions, the main idea is that while some people focus on style when remodeling this area of their home, others direct most of their attention towards functionality. Fortunately, with an intelligent design, you can have them both. For this reason, when planning a bathroom renovation, every homeowner must think about the main function of the bathroom. Of course, having a toilet, a sink and a shower is fundamental, but what happens with lighting, theme, color? The reality is that most homeowners do not even get there without making a costly mistake bound to transform the remodeling project into a failure.

    Overlooking the importance of natural lighting and proper ventilation

    The most obvious mistake refers to not planning all the details from the very beginning. For instance, people are so busy choosing between various glass shower enclosures that they neglect the importance of natural light. Generally, bathrooms do not have big windows like other areas in the house meaning that homeowners must resort to artificial light. Adding a skylight or expanding the existing window could change the situation significantly. Homeowners must realize that not only heated floors and bathtubs with striking design, but also natural lighting represents a luxury, especially when it comes to the bathroom. Another detail that most people overlook when starting a bathroom renovation project is the fan, which has a close relation with the small window, if it exists. Whether you or other member of the family takes a shower or a bath, you immediately notice the steam accumulating excessively and creating a moist environment. A fan will fix this normal outcome and it does not even require a great amount of money. Proper ventilation in a bathroom is more important than you might think.

    Not setting the right budget and neglecting plumbing layout

    Speaking of money, we cannot forget about the biggest mistake that homeowners make when initiating any home improvement project. Indeed, it has to do with establishing the right budget for all the planned changes. Usually, people reach two extremes: they either go too high or too low. In the first case, they spend money unnecessarily on pricey items that will not make a big difference; in the second case, they underestimate the cost of imperative elements like those glass shower enclosures. The plumbing layout is not a thing that homeowners should ignore. For instance, in someone’s head, moving the bathtub or the shower from one wall to another is more than simple, but in reality, things are quite different because everything depends on the existing plumbing layout. Other major mistakes include mismatched fittings, unbalanced décor and the lack of storage.

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