Amy Winehouse – have people learned something from her tragic story?

  • 10, 17, 2018
  •  Family 
  • Do you know how many years are since Amy Winehouse’s death? It’s been seven years since an amazing singer passed away, and all because of her drug addiction. Who is to blame for this? Some would say that she is the only one to blame, but many voices consider that everyone is to blame, because she did not get the help she needed at the right time. The ones who do not know why Amy’s story is tragic should check the controversial documentary called simply Amy. Many shots from the documentary were caught on camera by her friends and family. When you say Amy Winehouse, you do not know if she is famous because she was such a talented singer and songwriter, or because she was one of the singers who died because of her addiction to substances. When talking about her and her addiction everyone is looking for someone to blame, but we should look for the lessons people should learn from her tragic story.

    People use her tragedy as a marketing strategy

    If there is something people go crazy for is the story of a talented singer who spins out of control and transforms her life into a wreck. Everyone knew that this story will get her more fans and they used her tragedy as her marketing strategy. Her numerous checks into drug rehab centres were first page subjects for newspapers.  She was a skinny, but good-looking woman who had a wonderful voice. Televisions took her drama and transformed it into camera time. It was a good marketing strategy, because it guaranteed her that she will have a legacy and her songs will never be forgotten.

    She is the one to blame for her addiction

    Everyone can say that her manager, her parents, her husband or her fans were the ones to blame for her condition, but the truth is that she was not innocent. She was the one who decided to ask her husband to offer her some cocaine when she first met him in a bar. She was the one who decided to consume cocaine and she was the one who refused to try the ibogaine treatment. When she managed to break her addiction with drugs for a short period, she switched to alcohol. She made some bad choices in her life, and some would say that she did not get the guidance she needed, but she was an adult.

    She was always honest about her situation

    She was one of the few celebrities who chose to always speak the truth. She never considered herself a famous person, she did not think about it. She never expected anything from her career, even if she had and still has fans around the world. She always wanted to sing, and she loved to do it, but she never wanted to be famous. Maybe consuming drugs was her way to handle celebrity. She was an introvert person, so she was affected by everything around her. 

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