Ambient sound: scientists recommend listening to chill out music

  • 04, 06, 2018
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  • People listen to music when relaxing in bed after a hectic workday, when studying, when doing chores around the house, when flying on a plane, when jogging in the park, when strolling through the city streets at night. Students, professors, workers, employers, children, parents listen to different music genres including folk, blues, rock, jazz, heavy metal, pop, country, heavy metal and hip-hop anywhere and anytime. The reason: it helps them concentrate better, it motivates them to exercise more, it helps them cope with a negative mood, it boosts creativity, it relieves pain and it improves social skills. Keeping that in mind, it should not come as a surprise that researchers recommend listening to rhythmically homogeneous music whenever possible because it provides both physical and emotional benefits. Apparently, only half an hour a day is enough to reduce high blood pressure, to lower stress, to reduce depression, to sleep better and strengthen memory.

    Ambient music improves concentration in the workplace

    Whether you view music as a form of art, as a way of self-expression, as a universal language or as an escape, you probably never thought that listening to ambient music could help you live healthier and happier. This article has the purpose to explain the powerful effect of this particular genre on human mind, proven by scientists. Every person has a different ritual that helps her concentrate when solving a problem, completing a project or taking a test. Some people like to organize everything around them and be alone to eliminate any potential noise around them while others simply download their favorite songs from, put their headphones on and shut down any other distractions that might compromise their performance. Those people should know that ambient music represents the most useful tool when trying to focus on certain tasks, not just when trying to relax and forget about worries. Just think about it: if you go out with friends in the club, you hear lively music that encourages you to dance and matches your heart rate, but if you stay alone at home, you prefer listening to a summer chill mix or a spring break chill mix.

    Natural sounds put you in a deep state of relaxation and happiness

    Constant rhythm puts you in a state of relaxed alertness, which helps you concentrate for a long period. Once again, researchers back up this statement by proving that background music has the power to increase employee productivity, particularly when performing repetitive tasks. More specifically, ambient sound helped factory workers to ignore the troubling noises caused by machines. Of course, not any music genre has this power over human mind. Furthermore, it does not even matter if you listen to ambient music, if the volume is too loud, then it will disturb your inner peace. This explains why people listening to the sound of waves breaking on a beach or the raindrops rapidly falling on the sidewalk feel relaxed, happy and in perfect harmony with nature; because these sounds are pure and natural.

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