Acne prone, congested skin – Some of the most efficient treatments

  • 03, 21, 2017
  •  Family Health 
  • Acne prone, congested skin is not only a characteristic of teenagers. Adults can be suffering from it as well, oftentimes in a more violent form. However, the psychological negative impact is the same on both teenagers and adults, but with proper treatments and care it is possible to successfully overcome it. My Skin Spa covers a wide variety of skin treatments and their specialists have a great background of treating acne prone skin.

    First, let the spa personnel to assess what type of acne you are suffering from

    What caused the appearance of your acne issue might influence greatly the approach needed to treat it. There are more types of acne you should be aware of. There are papules, characterised by a tender feeling at touch and a bright pink colour. Comedones are what we call blackheads and they are characterised by a clogged hair follicle. The pimples that never surface are called whiteheads, while pustules are those emerging at the skin’s surface with white pus on top. The most violent forms of acne are nodules and cysts, both characterised painful pimpled deep in the skin, that most of the times leave scars. The causes can be in strong relationship with diet habits, hormonal changes and skincare habits. In order to treat properly this skin disease, you must first let the specialists establish what caused it.

    What are the most common triggers of acne outbreaks?

    Generally, hormonal changes that occur in teenagers, pregnant women, those starting or stopping birth control treatments are the most common causes. However, in women a word has to say the type of makeup used. When it is not adapted to the skin type, an outbreak might occur. Also, old makeup products influence a lot your skin’s state and health. Eating habits have something to say in terms of skin health. It has scientifically proved that individuals eating frequently junk food, with a diet rich in sugary elements are prone to develop an acne prone type of skin.

    What treatments are the most efficient?

    There are a couple of active ingredients and interventions, which might help in treating acne prone skin. On the other hand, there are a couple of ingredients found in beauty products and medicine, which might aggravate those issues. For instance, tar, mineral oils, lanolin, or saturated fatty acids will aggravate for sure potential skin issues. A couple of dependable clinics might help you with personalised beauty treatments, depending on your issue’s causes and your type of skin, medication you might be taking and so on. Also, treatments such as Healite II Phototherapy have been proved to improve significantly the condition of acne prone skin, by reducing the scarring, pain and reducing the pimples themselves.

    Make sure you pay a specialised salon a visit if you suffer from congested, acne prone skin, so they can adapt their treatments to your own necessities. Pay attention to your diet habits as well, since they can influence enormously you skin health.

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