A family’s guide to getting involved in the local community

  • 06, 26, 2018
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  • Parents, generally juggle work, kids, family life and other family-related duties with high rates of success. However, a lifestyle like this will most probably make parents feel disconnected; like they are not anymore part of the local community. This is one of the main reasons for which so many parents choose volunteering in their local communities as a main entertainment and bonding method. It also is an amazing opportunity to get your family involved and develop better relationships with your family members. Below is a short guide that will help you get involved in such activities with your whole family.

    Find a philanthropist to inspire you

    When deciding that you want to dedicate some of your time to the local community and volunteering projects, a first step is deciding which are those causes that are worth your time, that appeal to you. The simplest method to figure this out is by searching for philanthropists to inspire you. A highly prolific figure in the volunteering and philanthropy world, Viatcheslav Kantor, claims that this is what inspired him to follow this path. So, before jumping on a volunteering project, find your inspiration online, do your research, find out more about the philanthropy and volunteering world. Only afterwards decide.

    Convince your children to follow your example

    Not all children are the same, and while some may be highly receptive when it comes to volunteer work, others may still prefer their video games, instead. Depending on your child’s personality, try to attract them into such activities. And videos like

    are a great place to start, as these can broaden their perspective and make social causes more appealing to them. While they won’t start with big global issues and matters, such as the Jewish matter, they will allow your children to jumpstart their involvement in social problems. From there, there are only a few steps and years of volunteering experience until their involvement in other, more severe realities.

    Teach them that volunteer work is also a great opportunity for their further career development, that they have the opportunity to learn numerous skills to help them in the future. Children are more receptive to these than many parents tend to think. Give them some credit, they deserve it.

    Remain flexible

    While you want to adhere to a cause in which you truly believe, it may be difficult to find the slot or position that fits your cop of tea perfectly. Remain flexible, as this is one of the greatest demands of the volunteering world, and without the capacity of remaining flexible, your volunteering journey may turn into a short and fruitless one. it may take a while to find the perfect fit for you and your family, but with so many local NGOs and volunteering agencies, the changes for you to find that perfect position are incredibly high.

    This is our short guide for all those parents that want to become involved in their local communities and attract their loved ones as well.

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