5 Ways to Protect Your Family and Home from Burglars

  • 05, 25, 2016
  •  Family Health 
  • Your home can always become the target of a burglar unless you make sure no one can get inside and out you in danger. Protecting your home is a major concern and no effort and expense should be spared in the matter, not even when it comes to the most expensive garage door opener or security camera. We come to your help with 5 efficient ways to keep your home and family safe from burglars.

    Upgrade your door locks

    A regular door lock can be easily broken, not to mention how often you can lose your keys, which makes your house vulnerable to intruders. In your attempt to make your house safer, consider replacing the regular door locks with a smart door lock that grants you access through your smartphone or by inserting an access code. No more keys to lose, no more locks to break, as this smart door lock can never be broken or fooled into granting access.

    Keep an eye on the house

    You can’t control the entire house while you are at home and even less while you are away so having a security camera system that will do this for you will guarantee you will be safe from intruders. Install one with several security cameras located in key points of your yard to discourage burglars from attempting to get inside your house. Features like motion sensors and night vision will ensure around the clock surveillance.

    Lock every entrance

    Not only the front door can become an access way for burglars but also other doors and even the windows. The garage door can often lead intruders inside the house if it remains opened after you leave, so a garage door opener that uses access codes and will make sure the garage stays locked will be a worthy investment. To help you choose wisely, the reviews available at garagedooropener.best contain information on several garage door opener models so it will be easier for you to choose the best unit depending on its security features and the precision in keeping your garage door locked. As a general rule, make sure the model you choose fits your garage door and comes with high-security features that ensure the safety of your home.

    Keep your access codes a secret

    Regardless the type of security measures your home has, you must be careful who you offer your access codes to. Every time you insert a code, be careful not to have strangers around who could memorize the codes. If you rely on a smart door lock, offer visitors codes that you will later erase so they won’t be able to use them again. Don’t share the malfunctions or tips of your security measures with anyone.

    Get a guard dog

    A simple way to increase your home security is to get a good dog that will protect your home and your family from anyone who enters your home uninvited. Special dog breeds like the German Shepherd, the Caucasian Shepherd or the Rottweiler are great for keeping burglars away because they are very attached to their family and respond to orders very well.

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